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Lootie’s Mystery box marketplace is conquering the hypebeast industry



Looties Mystery box marketplace is conquering the hypebeast industry 1

The Internet age has brought in easy access to the world’s markets from any place on the planet. Before the Internet, in order to start a proper business endeavor, you needed to get through bureaucratic red tape and also needed a decent amount of capital for funding. In 2020, all it takes to start a business is a single press of a button. Platforms like Shopify, eBay, and Amazon allow anyone to start selling goods whenever they please.

Looties Mystery box marketplace is conquering the hypebeast industry

This is great for the business owners and entrepreneurs that are not yet at a large production capacity or still have low demand for their products/services since the low barrier of entry provides truly free access to people who want to bring their new idea to the world marketplace. It provides a never-before-seen level of economic freedom. But — there is one gaping hole in this system, that has not been solved even all these years later. It is not easy to trust a random store you haven’t heard of. The fact that anyone can create their own Shopify store means that consumers have to be very careful in their selection process. Before safely buying something from a small store, it’s important to look at reviews and ratings online, because you never know if it’s a fraudulent operation or not. The low barrier to entry for online markets brings in the obvious problem of scammers, who will simply take your money and disappear without actually sending you the product you paid for.

There is a less evil but more universal problem with third-party small stores: pure ineptitude. Many of these third-party retailers (on sites like Amazon and eBay) aren’t fraudsters, but they may not actually have good quality products or good customer protection. It’s often the case that Amazon buyers who purchase non-fulfilled products get something that is not satisfactory for the customer, like a broken product. This isn’t the case on Lootie, where there is a guarantee in place. Unfortunately, Amazon buyers usually have no way of getting their money back since the quality assurance policy accompanied by non-Amazon-fulfilled sales is often pretty bad. They favor the merchant heavily since the merchant is the one who created them in the first place. In the end, whereas we would all have no problem with supporting small stores & businesses constantly (thanks to the variety and novelty), it’s not always feasible because of the missing trust factor.

Lootie has stepped in and solved this problem. It’s a very similar solution to Amazon’s fulfillment program, except with some added validation steps that make the process more secure. Firstly, let’s talk about what exactly Lootie is. Lootie is a site that holds a series of mystery boxes. Each box gives you a mystery item when you buy it — you don’t know exactly what you’re going to get, so the exciting thrill element of shopping remains intact. Lootie’s official box catalogue includes the Supreme box logo, Yeezy box, Off White box, Apple mystery box, Gaming mystery box, Hypebeast mystery box, Hype shoes, and many more. You may be thinking — wow, that’s a lot of boxes! But we just spoke about the risk of third-party retailers — how does Lootie make things different with trust? 

It’s a two-step process. The first step is verifying the integrity and authenticity of the product. Every item you purchase from Lootie is verified to ensure that it is 100% real. It’s impossible for you to get an inauthentic or defective product from Lootie. Doing so involves either buying things directly from the manufacturer’s store (no third-parties involved), or it involves a thorough verification process. In fact, Lootie has even partnered up with StockX to provide rigorous verification for clothing and other streetwear merch like shoes. Ensuring that everything Lootie sells is 100% real — that’s the first step.

The second step involves having strong consumer protection. Of course, the vast majority of products sold by Lootie will have no problems at all. But, when you are pushing such a high number of products out every day (with over 1 million customers), even if you have a 99.99% satisfaction rate, there are bound to be a couple of rare outliers. Luckily, Lootie has you covered in every possible scenario. If there is ever any problem with an item you receive — no matter what the issue is (it could be the product condition or a simple non-receipt) — Lootie has in place a full refund policy, and you will be refunded in full as necessary. It’s a solution that several third-party stores today don’t use, because it causes them to lose money — however, with Lootie, customers are the most important.

Lootie takes this model and applies it site-wide to every single box, no matter how cheap or expensive. Thus, it has become a ubiquitous eCommerce platform, with products of many kinds, without compromising the trust factor. Usually, when you find a website that sells this many products, it’s usually a mixed bag of several individual vendors, and you don’t really know who to trust. A great example is eBay — eBay itself is a very large and trusted platform, but the individual vendors on eBay may not be. On the other hand, even though Lootie has such a huge collection of items, its one-of-a-kind verification, and authentication system sets it apart from other stores. There are not many places where you can find thousands of different products all on one trusted site, and when you factor in the excitement of the mystery box opening experience, it makes Lootie absolutely unique. The next time you’re looking to shop online, be it for tech or fashion, don’t get ripped off. Don’t shop around for merch that isn’t 100% authentic or reliable. You know that your one-stop shop for a trusted and fun eCommerce experience is

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