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Mac Angelo Is Revolutionizing the World of Credit



Mac Angelo Is Revolutionizing the World of Credit

Entrepreneur and business powerhouse Mac Angelo loves innovation. He sees the world of credit, borrowing, and lending from a new perspective and helps thousands of people improve their financial situations exponentially. The founder of LevelXstream, Mac, is the creator of numerous strategies and systems that help ordinary people with credit and debt issues finally get out of the metaphorical hole, and not only that, but he teaches them how to get the proper funding in order to realize their goals and dreams.

Mac is not like most ordinary entrepreneurs. Born and raised in Cameroon, he moved to the United States, which was a long-time dream of his. “I spent my first six years in the Army, actually. This is where I really understood what discipline was and how not to have a good credit,” he laughs.

Since then, Mac has gone on to achieve many great things and mentor countless people. His latest area of expertise is digital investments. He is a genius in the arena, for which he credits his genuine love for mathematics. “I love math and logic. I value that much more than emotion, and it’s much more helpful to me,” he explains.

Mac is dedicated to giving plenty of personal attention to his clients. “I know everyone’s story and their needs. I can call them on the phone, and I know exactly who I’m speaking to and what their situation is. We’re talking a couple of hundred people here,” he shares.

Mac is emphasizing the power of education when it comes to credit, borrowing, and innovation. He begins by helping his clients fix bad credit score numbers but doesn’t stop there. “My goal isn’t to just help them clean up a credit score of say, 500 or low 600. Once we do that, which can take between 30 and 60 days, we then focus on getting them funded. That’s the whole idea. You can think of us as a one-stop-shop,” he explains.

Mac Angelo’s business transforms the lives of ordinary people who thought that they could never achieve anything because of a bad score and mistakes they have made in the past. He opens their eyes to the possibilities and helps them use the system in their favor. Mac has big dreams, including creating a reverse model for lending, which he believes would function a lot better.

“We want to put the power back into the hands of the customer, not just the bank,” he explains. According to the entrepreneur, what works a lot better than the status quo is lending money for a particular project with a good reason. That way, the customer already has an idea of how to use it, and the bank can have peace of mind. There’s certainly lots of room for improvement in the financial industry, and Mac Angelo is at the forefront of the movement.

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