Majid Kalhori, an Iranian legionary player, talks about the roles of futsal players

Majid Kalhori Iranian legionary player talks about the roles of futsal players

Goal keeper

Physical quality: suitable: size and shape – agility – explosive speed – jumping skills – flexibility

Technical quality required: sure hands – good technique on line gateway and air – skill in playing by feet

Tactical quality required: choice in placement of movements –  good estimator

good distributer

Mental quality required: prestigious –  self- confident – cool and calm – focused

Left and right side defender

Physical quality: speed in stamina (aerobic and non- aerobic) – explosive speed

Technical quality required: defensive Technique – tackler – skill in getting balls and good quality in sending ball passes.  

Tactical quality required: deployment and standing – action timing – attending in attack system – adaptability in attack system

Mental quality required: with invasive spirit and conflicting – determined and assured –  self confident


Physical quality; height – muscular power and jumping skill –speed – mobility and movement

Technical quality required; disconnector and obstacle – control of the ball in a body – body battle – heading power- ability to make long and short passes –

Tactical quality required: estimating – placement – man to man- coverage and supporter

Mental quality required; leadership power-guider- humble and ability to stay calm – incentive

Majid Kalhori Iranian legionary player talks about the roles of futsal players 1

Defensive midfielder

Physical quality: endurance(aerobic) power – mobility and movement

Technical quality required; defensive technique –passing –receiving and control of the ball – dribbling of ball to the side to distribute it on the ground

Tactical quality required: standing and deployment – estimating – jumping

Mental quality required: quality in deceiving – humble – spirit of collaboration and cooperation- determined and assured 

Right and left side midfielders

Physical quality: Endurance (aerobic and non- aerobic) – speed

Technical quality required: moving with ball –dribbling –crossing – shooting

Tactical quality required: returning to defend – attendance in attack – pressing –participation in conflicts and make victory in it

Mental quality required: generous spirit – willful and determined – concentrated –willingness and eager to take risk


Physical quality: Power (in conflicts) –speed – heading – agility

Technical quality required: finishing – control of the ball – dribbling – and deceiving

Tactical quality required: movements and continuous mobility –changing the placement – running into space- timing in action

mental quality required: selfish and self-pleasing – opportunist – cunning -steadfast