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Managed IT vs. In-House IT: A 6-Point Comparison



Managed IT vs. In House IT A 6 Point Comparison

There is an ongoing battle between managed and in-house IT services and we’d recommend you cross-check the pros and cons before finalizing which one would be an ideal choice for your business.

At present, businesses understand the true importance of outsourcing the required processes and services instead of hiring dedicated employees. Not just in terms of cost saving aspect, it also enables individuals to gain access to specialists on a budget.

If you are considering onboarding a managed IT service provider like, comparing them to an in-house IT professional makes sense. Why should you opt for a managed IT service over in-house?

To clarify those doubts, we have compared a few pointers that depict which of the two are a better fit for your business.

Cost considerations

When you are weighing between managed IT and in-house IT, the first factor to consider is the cost. If you are a business that’s just starting and have limited capital to invest, managed IT services is a superior choice because you won’t have to worry about salaries, training, benefits, and infrastructure.

Expertise and skillset

It is true that managed IT services provide you access to a team of IT consultants and professionals who can help your business. However, in-house IT teams have a more innate understanding of the business processes and can offer you prompt resolutions during times of need. But, that said, if you have very diverse needs with your business, managed IT services are a superior choice.

Scalability factors

Businesses that are growing and evolving rapidly require IT solutions that will scale dynamically as well. In such cases, opting for managed IT services is often a superior option because it provides the organization enough time to adjust its services based on the changing needs and market trends. Rapid scaling isn’t possible with an in-house IT team.

Round-the-clock support

Unlike other processes, IT issues can arise even beyond the realm of a 9 to 5. In such instances, having access to managed IT services ensures that you can get 24/7 support and monitoring. So, if you are experiencing network downtime at an odd time, chances are that the professionals will take care of the issue without any complaints. 

Optimal security and compliance

Another reason why managed IT services have gained an upper hand over in-house IT services is because of their diverse security measures and ethical compliance. These professionals or service providers are well versed with all the latest security protocols and ensure that the business data is secured from the lurkers online.

Control and customization

The last point of comparison is the control and customization, which is higher with managed IT services. If you run a business with specialized technology needs managed IT services are undoubtedly one of the best options that you will be able to tap into, especially with the cost-effectiveness involved.

If you are still confused between managed IT services and in-house IT services, we’d recommend you start with the former. In case that doesn’t meet your rising demands, you always have the option to switch to hiring an in-house IT professional full-time who will take care of all the aspects.

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