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Matice Slovenska Day: History and Significance of the Day



Matice Slovenska Day

Matica Slovenská Day is a remembrance day in Slovakia, that is celebrated every year on August 4. This day commemorates the day when the main scientific and cultural institution of Slovakia was established in 1863.

The Matica slovenská is a scientific and cultural institution, that focuses on topics around the Slovak nation. It was laid out in 1863 as a work of the Slovak nation to lay foundations of science, libraries, and exhibition museums in Slovakia.


Matica Slovenská Day (Deň Matice Slovenskej) is a remembrance day in Slovakia held on August 4 every year. This day commemorates the establishment of Slovakia’s primary scientific and cultural institution in 1863. Since it’s anything but a national holiday, a great many people don’t have a free day, and most businesses and government agencies are open to the surprise of no one.

Matica Slovenská is a scientific and cultural institution dedicated to topics connected with Slovakia. It was established in 1863 as a part of the Slovak nation’s work to lay out science foundations, libraries, and museums all through Slovakia.

The chance of the Matica Slovenská being laid out was helped by the foundation of similar institutions in Serbia and the Czech Republic. The Matica existed until 1875 when it was deemed as “anti-government” and “anti-patriotic” and abolished by the Hungarian Kingdom (Slovakia was still important for the Kingdom of Hungary at that time).

The Matica couldn’t proceed with its scientific activities until 1918 when the Kingdom of Hungary was disbanded and Czechoslovakia was laid out. The renewed Matica, which reopened on August 5, 1919, was instrumental in the advancement of Slovak culture.

‘Matica’ means ‘matrix’ in the ongoing Slovak language, meaning “to associate with something more powerful” (connecting with the motherboard). In this context, ‘Matica Slovenská’ could without much of a stretch be deciphered as a sort of link, honoring and identifying its Slavic ancestors and Slavic history concerning the motherland.

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