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Meet An American Rap/Hip Hop Artist BYND



Meet An American Rap Hip Hop Artist BYND

BYND is an American Rap/Hip Hop artist working in a subgenre known as Surf-Rap. This is a laid back style of Hip Hop that centers around the well known pastime of surfing. It’s a style that reverberates with a relaxed and smooth feel of stoner rap, however with a remarkable, crisp vibe and flexible methodology.

Rising up out of the world class Miami and NYC music scenes, BYND is genuinely new on the scene and has a multifaceted and distinctive rapping style that brings to mind a more relaxed reminiscence of Notorious B.I.G. or on the other hand the happy Hip Hop side of De La Soul. 2018 has just been a prolific year for him with the release of a few EPs and single tracks. ‘Bonfya Stories’ EP is BYND’s expressed personalities or personas told through the perspective of others and his very own portion lens too; told as Stories or Scenarios.

Presently with 2019 appropriate around the corner, the rising rapper has prospects that are promising with a career that keeps on manifest and prosper. He has progressed significantly in a brief time-frame and has just made significant work towards becoming a new and indispensable voice for Hip Hop and its movement. He is destined to have his spot nearby significant players in the game, and dependent on his success and determination as of now, he is en route to doing precisely that. BYND is a name music fans and the Hip Hop community will hear considerably more about.

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