Hip Hop Artist Tru Def’s Popularity Is Constantly Soaring Across The Globe

Hip Hop Artist Tru Defs Popularity Is Constantly Soaring Across The Globe

Tru Def’s recent single “Wait A Second” has once again brought him into the media spotlight. His “Wait A Second” is all about musical innovation. The single has all the essential elements of a successful tune. The bars are eccentric, and there’s the rhythm and tempo, which makes it unique in its entirety.

Take a listen to Wait A Second on any major online musical streaming channels and you’ll feel the difference.

“Wait A Second” is a silent trendsetter. The soft blend of hard rhymes and Hip Hops makes it truly a one-of-a-kind tune. At the same time, it also establishes Tru Def’s identity as an independent musician who never refrains from experimenting with new ideas or adding innovative stuff to his creations. “Wait A Second” has an innate human touch, emotion, and empathy. “Wait A Second” is now live on all playlists enjoying top ranks.

How Tru Def Started His Musical Journey

The Dallas-born musician has an energetic presence on the stage, which keeps the audience glued to their seats till the last moment. Tru Deff has shared a dais with musical legends like T.I. Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, Lupe Fiasco, and Dave East.

Today, Tru’s music is widely enjoyed and appreciated across the globe. He’s a musical icon. Fans are always ready to listen to his new tunes on online musical streaming channels.

Tru has always been passionate about music, Hip Hop, and RnB genres. But it was only in 2017, he came to fans’ radar with the launch of his album “Dreams II Reality.” It was entirely written and produced by him. It also paved the way for the launch of his home music label “Dreams Come Tru Records.”

Wait A Second

In “Wait A Second ” Tru added a perfect blend of Hip Hop, EDM, and other musical genres in perfect balance to offer something new to his fans and followers. His innovative single has everything that fans could ever ask for. Starting from inspiring lyrics, catchy tunes to magnifying bass, the single is sure to blow your mind once you hear it. Tru Def has single-handedly overseen the lyrics, production, and performance of the track.

Tru Def’s success as a musical genius also highlights the fact that he never stops making his songs more innovative and catchy. As far as modern Hip Hop is concerned, Tru Def certainly deserved to be credited with the tag of a trendsetter.

Tru Def’s fans are playing “Wait A Second ” on the loop. It was released under his own home label Dreams Come Tru Records in association with management powerhouse, Artist Voice Media.

The Future Ahead

Tru Def wants to creatively express his skills in his tunes in his own inimitable style with his new releases. As a musical sensation, has been doing great in his musical career since 2017.

Upon the release of his song “Dreams II Reality,” way back in 2017, he also signed his first Equity Distribution deal with Roc Nation, which helped him take his career ahead.

“Each time I get to create, produce or croon a rap, I make it my own. I spend countless hours starting from brainstorming for the lyrics of the song to its post-production stage. I want my raps to convey the right message to the people. I want to be the voice of the people. I truly enjoy speaking out for them in whatever way I can.” Tru Def concluded.

You can listen to Tru Def’s original and latest music on Spotify and YouTube. He enjoys a considerable fanbase across all his social media handles.