Meet Fly Boy Nation founder and CEO BobbyJayTV

Meet Fly Boy Nation founder and CEO BobbyJayTV

Fly Boy Nation CEO BobbyJayTV is anything but your typical entrepreneur.

But outside of his entrepreneurial endeavors, who exactly is BobbyJayTV? Here are 4 interesting things you probably didn’t know about this up-and-comer. 

1 – Birth Place

During his younger years, BobbyJayTV and his family moved around a lot. He lived in his birth country Liberia. He moved to the United States with his family at the age of ten.

2 – Birth Name

Bob Blessing Jacobs , his father and mother named him after his uncle who passed away days before he was born .

3 – He wakes up early but goes to bed pretty late

It’s no doubt that BobbyJayTV is able to get a lot done because he rarely sleeps

Waking up earlier doesn’t only help you to be organized but also to be productive; professional and more.

“Early bird takes the worm”

4 – He has an interest in building up activity centers in Liberia

BobbyJayTV has recently stated that he has ambitions to build up activity centers for the youth. He wants to give back and help his country. BobbyJayTV Comes from poverty, his heart is giving back to those in need.