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Meta is testing end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for Quest’s VR Messenger application



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Meta has been on a long-term push with Messenger’s end-to-end encryption (E2EE) highlights, and it’s currently beginning to test E2EE informing with its Quest VR journey headsets. With the new v40 software update, Meta is trying discretionary E2EE for one-on-one messages and brings in VR, as indicated by a blog entry, however, it’s indistinct the number of individuals that are remembered for the test or how to turn on the element assuming you are.

The test shows up close by a lot of other striking new highlights in the v40 update. There are new sound openness choices, including the capacity to change the sound equilibrium of the left and right sound channels and a mono sound component that allows you to hear similar sounds on the left and right speakers.

You’ll likewise now have the option to lock individual applications behind an example, which could be a helpful method for forestalling admittance to applications that you don’t believe a kid should play with. Already, you could lock the whole headset behind an example.

Also, you’ll currently have the option to see visual portrayals of additional actual consoles in VR for however long they’re associated through Bluetooth. This element originally upheld the Logitech K830 and Apple’s Magic Keyboard while utilizing a Quest 2 headset, and with v40, you’ll have the option to see portrayals of the Apple Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad, the Logitech K375s, and Logitech MX Keys.

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