Mohit Gupta, A Trader Who Went From Rags to Riches!

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There is a notion prevalent in our common psyche that the stock market is a money doubling or tripling machine. This notion is a vast underestimation of the market’s potential. The market can give up to a hundred per cent profit, one just has to make a good decision.

One or two good decisions can be made with a stroke of luck, but one simply can not play a game with such high stakes with just hope. One needs experience to succeed in the market.

Mohit Gupta, the stock market genius has more than half a decade worth of experience and has delivered double profits on many occasions.

Mohit Gupta can turn 50 thousand rupees into 1.5 lakh rupees through his analytical approach to trading. But to learn how to make a lakh a day, he has put in lakhs of hours of learning and practice.

When Mohit first tried his hand at trading, he burnt his fingers many times and bore many losses. However, he always rallied and instead of waiting for a stroke of luck, he took a step back to dissect the market.

He arrived on the answer, that there was not enough education about the Stock Market and made it his mission to make that ignorance a thing of the past. Mohit started to put his knowledge to work and made decisions accordingly, he coined a tagline to reflect his new direction – Analysis is My First Priority.

With his good decisions and bullseye analysis, Mohit has been able to give flight to all his dreams and helps others realise their dreams. More than 500 students all over the country are under his wing, learning about trading, and are building a better future for themselves.