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More Shock to XBIRD! Bitcoin Jesus and Roger Barr Invest in Cryptopayments, Inc.




Renowned for his early investments in blockchain companies, Roger Barr, widely known as the ‘Bitcoin God’ and an accelerated billionaire within the Bitcoin sphere, has now chosen to invest in Cryptopayments, the entity behind the revolutionary XBIRD project.

Barr’s association with Elon Musk initially sprouted during his vocal endorsement of Twitter’s acquisition. “It will unquestionably elevate Twitter’s allure,” he stated, emphasizing his alignment with Musk’s expressed intent to eradicate censorship. Notably, Barr resumed his Twitter activity promptly following the completion of the acquisition.

Expressing resounding support for Musk’s vision of a blockchain-integrated social media platform, Barr’s investment in Cryptopayments, the issuer of XBIRD, is a testament to his unwavering enthusiasm. Recognized as a pivotal figure in the blockchain realm for his astute communication skills, Barr’s involvement is poised to catalyze XBIRD’s mission.

In response to this development, Barr articulated his belief that existing censorship within social media platforms presents a collective disadvantage, affirming that blockchain-linked social networks can offer unprecedented security and privacy features.
He anticipates XBIRD’s potential to ascend as one of the world’s most sought-after cryptocurrencies. Currently valued at 80 times the initial private sale price, Barr confidently predicts a further surge in XBIRD’s value.

The backing of Jim Rogers, followed by Roger Barr’s investment, marks a pivotal moment in Elon Musk’s strides toward the impending blockchain revolution. XBIRD’s final sales are slated to commence on January 4, and while the mechanism for securing purchase slots remains undisclosed, anticipation mounts for the imminent whirlwind that Elon Musk is set to unleash with XBIRD in 2024.

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