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Music theory in simple language by Farshid Adhami, a popular Iranian singer, and musician



Music theory in simple language by Farshid Adhami a popular Iranian singer and musician

Music theory is a study that allows us to understand the language of music. This is a set of instructions and methods that are used to identify different ways of expressing emotions with voice.

Music theory also helps us to interpret music and communicate with other musicians. In addition, we can have confidence in creating or performing music.

Learning the basic theory of music is also essential to boost creativity and create a sense of music awareness. This is a set of challenging but valuable skills to learn. Knowing how music works make the music production process easier and help you succeed in making music.

This simple music theory tutorial examines key signatures, points, intervals, scales, chords, and other principles of music. It also provides insights into the basic musical structures that make up harmony, melody, and rhythm.

Music scales are the basic foundation of music. Understanding music scales and their performance when learning theory is essential. In this section, we will look at two common scales, their scale, and seven music modes.

A music scale is a collection of notes in an octave. The relationships of ascending or descending distance between the points of the note define each scale. The notes of the scale are used to form melodies and harmonies.

Music modes are scales taken from the main scale. There are seven music modes. Each mode is a minor change of scale. They use all the same notes and distance patterns as the primary scale. The main difference is the base note used to build the scale.

A brief biography of Farshid Adhami

Farshid Adhami was born on 22 April 1993, Singer and player of electronic guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, and bouzouki, Is one of the famous Iranian people, Farshid’s famous music is “del divoneh”, “ta key”, balaye joonam “, eshgh”


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