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Musician Rioma on being called a lyrical genius by his legions of fans



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Music speaks to people on an incredibly deep level. From melodies to lyrics, music profoundly reaches audiences worldwide through the artist’s passion and creativity. While music remains a popular form of expression, it takes a special type of talent to inspire and motivate others, which is why musician Rioma is considered a lyrical genius of this time. Contemporary and iconic in many ways, Rioma writes music for a new generation. 

B​orn Mario Joseph Jacovino, Rioma, grew up in Ft. Lee, NJ, and found music when he was kicked out of school. “That was a tough time, and I found music was the easiest way to express myself,” says Rioma. “It was the struggle that made me embrace the darker aspects of my journey, and I put all of that into my music.” By embarking on a musical career while turning his life around, Rioma was inspired to write the kind of music that audiences can truly relate to. 

C​onsidered a lyrical genius by his legions of fans, Rioma reflects on this status as something he earned through the challenges real-life has thrown at him. “I write what I know and what I know is how to be real when life gets tough,” explains Rioma. Following his school expulsion, he went home and started recording a week later, heading into the studio every day. By polishing his craft and mastering his sound, Rioma amassed a considerable following and never looked back.

W​ith a number one song and single released by Rock Nation in 2019, Rioma’s star in on the rise as people continue to appreciate his unique style and lyrical genius. Rioma’s music comes from a deep and honest place where many artists are too afraid to go. “My fans accept who I am because I am not afraid to put it out there,” says Rioma. “I let people in through my music, and that is how my fans get to know me.”

H​eavily influenced by Post Malone and Travis Scott, Rioma looks back on his losses and looks toward the future, understanding they were actually blessings in disguise. “If it weren’t for the expulsion, the anxiety, the depression I realize I wouldn’t have had anything to work through that brought me to this point,” explains Rioma. With his album Sub-Zero released earlier this year, Rioma continues to create the career of a lyrical genius setting himself up for an incredible legacy. 

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