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NHL Seattle will declare its team name and logo today



NHL Seattle

Thursday the new NHL expansion franchise in Seattle will declare its team name and logo. It will be the 32nd franchise in the league and play in the Western Conference.

In an enigmatic video shared on Twitter on Wednesday night, NHL Seattle reported that “the 32nd franchise comes to life” today, Thursday, July 23 at 12 p.m. ET/9 a.m. PT. While this was all the data that the team uncovered, it has also planned a press conference for the morning to report significant news. It is expected that the franchise will uncover its name as well as conceivably logo, colors, and maybe even jerseys.

Concerning the video going with the vague news, a few indications can be deduced about a potential name. The video shows a group of fishermen in Seattle’s Puget Sound getting their nets just to find a red goal light, which starts to glow when a boat in the distance blows its horn. Notwithstanding a significant mislead, this everything except affirms an aquatic theme for Seattle’s moniker. Hockey has shown up in Seattle and it traveled via ocean.

So what may the name be? One of the more famous options among fans has been “Kraken,” the giant sea monster of folklore. Could the fisherman in the video ask “what is that?” about their take show that the aquatic mascot is mysterious? Potentially. Could this video simply be section one preceding the Kraken attacks the boat in part two? Perhaps. In any case, the unquestionably almost certain outcome is that the fishing theme of the video, combined with a similar aqua and salmon coloring in the net that the team has used in past advertising, demonstrates that the name will be “Sockeye” or “Sockeyes.” The salmon species that is notable in the territory has been another well-known opportunity for the team name and the club’s video insight does little to discourage the possibility this is the mascot that has been selected. In any case, we will discover without a doubt somehow on Thursday.

What we know about the new Seattle franchise

  • Approved Dec. 4, 2018
  • Owners: David Bonderman, Tod Leiweke, and film producer, Jerry Bruckheimer
  • GM: Ron Francis
  • Home: Amazon Climate Pledge Arena

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