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Nicanor Persano – the young and successful entrepreneur in the finance world



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The companies that manage to position themselves among the most successful have been able to maintain healthy finances over time. This is because finances play a decisive role in the company’s overall performance, impacting all areas that keep it afloat.

However, not all entrepreneurs or managers of a company recognize the importance of business finances and consider that these are reduced to a record of accounting. This is a mistake since finance involves a much more complicated process. 

In reality, finances guide the management of the company and decision-making and are decisive when facing crisis states.

Business Finance: A Priority 

Finance must be understood as a priority tool. Therefore, both directors and general managers must know how they work and how they impact all company areas.

The financial statement is the basis of all the company’s operations because it provides indicators that guide optimal management’s fundamental decisions. Therefore, it is also a factor that intervenes in the growth of the company.

Financial planning

Hundreds of new businesses emerge each year, but only a small percentage will survive for more than five years. Practically, what can make the difference between business success and failure is proper planning that helps minimize financial losses and maintain healthy finances. 

For this reason, a financial plan must be developed that helps improve profitability. The fulfillment of objectives and goals in the short, medium, and long term is determined. 

For example, first, a monthly income amount must be established, and the sales level necessary to achieve it. The sources of financing are determined. Finally, adjustments are made to business expenses to ensure the company’s sustainability. 

Nicanor Persano, a businessman and specialist in the financial sector, has walked the path full of learning, knowledge, economic growth, but above all, personal development.

Considered a small promise in the world of finance and investment, Nicanor began his career at the age of 18. At a very young age, he decided that he would dedicate himself to this place as soon as he finished his studies. And this is what happened. A year later, at the age of 19, he was able to earn $ 50,000, which was just the beginning of the road to prosperity.

Today, in addition to multiplying his income to 6 figures, Nicanor has gained financial recognition. Not only for being the top trader in Argentina, his homeland. But also the co-founder and director of the newest startup, Alpha Pro Academy. A space dedicated to training professional traders.

This online space aims to improve people’s skills and competencies so that they can make money online and make use of the various markets available within the network. Alpha Pro experts provide the necessary tools for obtaining useful results.

Although not a university graduate of professional traders, Nicanor is committed to achieving success in the investment world and sharing it, and making other experts in the field.

Alpha Pro Academy was born from this perspective, the school where the young man is the founder and director. It is an online site with a community of over 3,000 students in more than 15 Spanish-speaking countries, with the same desire to become commercial professionals and make a real profit.

Since the inception of the project, Nicanor has focused on providing his knowledge and support to help him show the world the Internet’s financial growth opportunities.

Moreover, his goal is to show that everyone has the same opportunity to grow through trade because everyone has access to the same information. Although it requires practice, techniques, and skills, at Alpha Pro Academy, you can access the necessary training to integrate all these factors and achieve achievable success.

Converting ordinary, inexperienced people into successful marketers is one of the most satisfying things Nicanor said he had as an expert. This experience has allowed him not just to sit back but do something new to provide 100% quality to his students in all products and content. And it has given him the reward of leading others to succeed in economic matters. For many, this is still difficult.

In 21 years, Nicanor has been able to train more than 10,000 people worldwide. He has been able to share his experience of encouraging others to start this business and get good results. Still, he does not give up. For this young man, it is only the beginning of an adventure that will take him to the next level. He ensures the continuation of his development on a grand scale with the same love as before.

Saurabh Singla, Founder of CaphIQ, is an Indian Entrepreneur, Active Author, Marketing, and Fundraising Consultant. His breakthrough is primarily from generating millions of digital impressions for Entertainment, Blockchain Industry, and various Startups.

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