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Nikunj Agarwal says regarding Digital marketing importance in 2021



Nikunj Agarwal says regarding Digital marketing importance in 2021

Nikunj Agarwal career,

Nikunj agarwal is a young Digital marketer, He starts learning about digital world at age of sixteen & after he had started online marketing as a freelancer and internships at various companies also done by Nikunj. He was learning new things as he completing projects one be one. That’s how his journey started towards Digital world.

Born and brought up in the marvelous City of Lakes, Udaipur, Rajasthan, Nikunj Agarwal is the CEO and Founder of the company, Technical Media. This is the company that works enthusiastically to bring light into the lives of many business professionals.

Mr. Nikunj agarwal

Why Digital Marketing is important in today’s business?

‘Nikunj Agarwal‘ Thoughts

Digital marketing is actually one in all the most key factors in business world nowadays, because it is sort of completely different from ancient marketing. It makes and uses those strategic plans and get involved in attracting customers with driving complete oral communication on various digital channels starting from email to mobile applications.

Today, Digital marketing has become such a lot well-liked owing to these four key blessings over the standard marketing like

• Measurable of customers
• Affordable of price
• Speed electronic messaging to Customers
• Engagement of consumers

Internet has opened to ways of various opportunities for businesses.

Always promptly staying online nearly each time is one in all the explanations Digital marketing has transformed however businesses promote and market their product and services

Social Media Networks have become one of the most productive ways to connect with new customers. It isa good platform to speed up any online business by obtaining new customers and interacting with the old customers, can also increases business visibility which in turn helps to boost up business. So these all things are done with the aid of Digital Marketing.

The introduction of Digital Marketing opened several online channels through which you can promote your business digitally.
In today’s business world, if any business is digitalized, only then it can sustain in the business world. So enforcing Digital Marketing in today’s any business can be a positive thoughtful decision.

Digital Marketing hence generates better income, along with better conversion rates with the use of successful strategies to enhance the business growth of any company or organization.

There are certain benefits of Digital Marketing such as –

• Ability to interact with prospect customers and understanding exactly what products or services they are looking for them.

• Ability to gain a place in global market.

• Can reach out more customers with investing less and save money comparing to traditional marketing methods.

• Can get to know customers and allow them also to know you and your company personally which can help to create brand stability.

• To marketing efforts immediately can track responses.


All in all, in this day and age, computerized promoting is very critical and ground-breaking since it causes you combine presence before your intended interest group and encourages you get them.

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