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One should pay attention to this when using heat therapy



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The heat therapy is an excellent thing that can be individually used in numerous complaints. If we have stomach ache, we put a hot water bottle on our stomach – the soothing warmth often works wonders. It relieves pain, relieves cramps, improves blood circulation and relaxes body and mind at the same time. The positive effects of this application achieve a general healing promotion. Heat therapy is one of the oldest and most recognized therapies and has been known since the beginning of written records.

What exactly is heat therapy?

Heat therapy is about using an elevated temperature to achieve certain positive effects on the body. Normally, heat therapy is applied locally, i.e. on a specific part of the body such as muscles, tendons, joints, but also on different organs. A wide variety of products can be used here, the range of heat therapeutics offered is extensive. As well as mud baths, mud packs, Heat and infrared lamps are part of the wide range of heat therapy devices. Depending on the individual preferences of the user and the type of treatment, the right product can be selected here.

What does heat therapy do?

The local application of heat to a certain area of ​​the body causes the blood vessels to widen and thus stimulates the blood flow to the affected area. The warmth also has a relaxing effect on the muscles, cramps can be released, pain is relieved, and the warmth triggers a series of nerve impulses that stimulate further physical processes and, among other things, trigger an irritation-reducing effect on pain receptors. The metabolism is stimulated, which means that waste products and waste products can be more easily removed from the affected area and excreted. When the entire body is heated, one speaks of hyperthermia. The use of hyperthermia for therapeutic purposes can also pursue various purposes and be of great benefit, but this special, non-local application is not counted as heat therapy.

Benefits of heat therapy

If heat is generally associated with a pleasant feeling and relaxation, heat therapy goes one step further. It helps to ease the pain and alleviate many complaints in the lower back area.  Today, heat therapy is quick and inexpensive – in the form of electric heating pads that are safely used in the affected regions. Range of flexible heat treatment devices is a simple and convenient solution for pleasant and pain relieving heat. Thanks to the latest technology, these devices meet the highest safety requirements with a minimum of electromagnetic radiation.

What uses of heat therapy are there?

For heat therapy, very different media and forms of application for a wide variety of treatment purposes come into consideration.

Peloids – The peloids include, for example, healing earth, bog, marl, sand, clay, loess and fang. They are usually placed or applied as packs to the corresponding body areas and develop their beneficial effect at temperatures between 43 and 45 ° C with an exposure time of approx. 30 to 45 minutes. 

 Packs and compresses  – these include, among other things, hay flower bags, potato fur packs, flaxseed bags or mustard flour packs; the application is also carried out by placing the heated pack or compress on the affected area

  Thermal radiation – infrared therapy (infrared A), high frequency therapy, short wave therapy, microwave therapy also have a warming effect and are used for local heat therapy.

 Ointments and plasters – Various substances also have a warming, circulation-promoting effect; with the help of ointments or thermal plasters, these substances can be used effectively to limit the beneficial warming effect and apply it locally

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