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Orest Sota: CEO of one of the recognized construction companies in Albania



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Orest Sota, CEO and founder of Fortis Group, started this company from a simple startup. With motivation from his family and a strong desire to make a difference,  he applied his knowledge of business management, which he studied at Kingston University in London, UK, and decided to found a construction company based on the need and demand for quality concrete.

Through several years of experience and hard work, he started providing materials of the highest quality. The company has been operating since 2004, and has successfully carried out its activities in Albania as well as in the neighboring countries later on.

The company started operations in Albania. Once it dominated the field of production, it became the leading company of concrete and inert material throughout the entire country. This led to a strong expansion, which in turn, achieved growth in several neighboring countries. With assistance from a team of specialized experts from inside and outside of the country,  Fortis Group is able to provide maximum security to all projects in which they participate.

The company’s aim has been focused on the production of eleven different types of materials,  including gypsum-based products, cement products, tile and metallax adhesives, intermediate fillers, waterproofing products, ready-made repair mixtures, paint products, raw materials, flooring products, facade products, and primers.

Efficient product production is executed due to the disposal of two plants fully equipped with modern technology, providing the capacity needed to attain the best quality material based on European standards BS-EN 206. All of these achievements have led the company to lead the industry of producing construction materials, while continuously innovating the standards in technology and materials.

Nowadays, the Fortis Group continues to be at the top of the field. As one of their education initiatives, it has invited several students from Sanye University as guests to learn the entire production process of the plant. With the assistance and guidance of the company, students were able to learn and experience the procedure of various production areas, such as laboratory installments and administrative capabilities. Finalizing the visit to the companies installments, the guests were presented with gifts, and they had the opportunity to walk away with  more than just knowledge, but rather an immersive experience in the industry.

In the near future, the company’s objective will be focused on managing a more competitive market. As a 5 year plan, they intend to expand their construction field and extend their activity at a global level.

By expanding the company’s barriers, they aspire to become one of the biggest construction companies in the Balkans. Prioritizing  quality assurance and the best work environment.

In order to lead the market, their mission relies on improving management methods, such as developing a system based on risk analysis; creating  relationships based on mutual trust with  customers and interested parties. However, the most important goal will be to improve their technology and therefore, their production system, in order to reduce as much as possible the impact material production has on the environment and human health. They know that by achieving all of their set goals, they will be the best construction company, not only in Albania, but in several other countries who choose to trust and believe in them.

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