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Pac-Man 99 battle royale game is available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers on April 7



Pac Man 99 battle royale game is available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers on April 7

Nintendo has declared Pac-Man 99, a 99-player online Pac-Man battle royale game that is exclusive to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, and it’s accessible tomorrow, April 7, at 6 am PT/9 am ET/2 pm BST.

Similar to Tetris 99 and Super Mario Bros. 35 before it, Pac-Man 99 is another new, multiplayer-focused take on one of the most notable games.

Discussing Mario, Pac-Man 99 shows up only a few days after the notorious “Day Mario Dies,” a.k.a. the day Nintendo made Super Mario Bros. 35 unplayable and stopped selling Super Mario 3D All-Stars on the eShop.

In 2019 Nintendo launched Tetris 99 as a free battle royale game for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers before evaluating Super Mario Bros. 35 temporarily, and now it’s after those games up with Pac-Man 99.

Nintendo has declared Pac-Man 99, a new multiplayer game that will be incorporated with its Nintendo Switch Online subscription service. Like Tetris 99 and the recently left Super Mario Bros. 35, the game pits dozens of players in opposition to one another in a fight royale-style battle to the end.

The game seems to be like the classic arcade original Pac-Man, however,, you can make it harder for adversaries by crunching on power pellets, eating ghosts, and sending “Jammer Pac-Man” over to their screens. There are eight different preset procedures you can use to screw with different players, for example by accelerating their game.

Pac-Man 99 features traditional Pac-Man gameplay with the additional pressure of outlasting 98 different players. Ghosts are as yet present, as are Power Pellets, and eating one will send Ghosts to attack different players at Jammer Pac-Man. Bumping into one of the Jammers will back you off and make it simpler for a Ghost to catch up to you and end your run.

The key to success in Pac-Man 99 is taking advantage of the Sleeping Ghosts. By eating them, you will make a “Ghost Train” that will give an all-you-can-eat buffet when you eat a Power Pellet. This permits you to overpower your rivals.

There are additionally four power-ups – Stronger, Speed, Standard, and Train – and four focusing on alternatives – Knockout, Hunter, Counter, and Random.

Pac-Man 99 likewise incorporates extra paid content that unlocks classic Pac-Man modes and NAMCO themes dependent on Xevious, Galaga, Dig Dug, and more.

Accessible exclusively on the Switch for individuals with an online subscription, the game allows players to eat Power Pellets to make ghosts vulnerable, as you’d expect in a Pac-Man title.

When players eat the vulnerable ghosts, the ghosts transform into a Jammer Pac-Man that chases rivals and eases back them down. Keeping the standards of battle royale, players fall one by one until the field is winnowed down from the 99 starting players to one winner.

The base game is accessible at no extra cost for subscribers, while optional DLC adds CPU mode, time attack,, and different custom themes, with some of the themes referring to classic Bandai games. The themes are accessible for $2 each, while players can purchase the extra modes in a $15 add-on, or simply get the entirety of the extras for $30.

Pac-Man 99 will launch on the Switch tomorrow, April 7th at 9 PM ET. Switch Online subscribers can pre-load it now by going to Nintendo’s website with the goal that they’ll be prepared when the servers open.

Pac-Man 99 will be accessible to download tomorrow, April 7th, and it’ll be free for anybody with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. The game is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

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