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Borderlands Legendary Collection: Release Time on Nintendo Switch



Borderlands Legendary Collection Nintendo Switch

The Borderlands Legendary Collection is coming to Nintendo Switch and 2K Games have released a What’s Included trailer to publicity up its fast-approaching launch. If you own the handheld console and want to play the game as ahead of schedule as could reasonably be expected, here you’ll find all that you need to know about its release time on Nintendo Switch.

2K Games’ Borderlands Legendary Collection isn’t the only 2K title going to the Nintendo Switch as tomorrow will likewise see the launch of the Bioshock Collection. The two games and their respective series are masterpieces at what they do best, which means you’ll make some troublesome time picking between which to play first.

Nonetheless, in case you’re completely dedicated to looting and shooting before investigating dystopias set underneath the sea and in the clouds, below you’ll find the release times you need to know about.

Borderlands Legendary Collection for Nintendo Switch pre-order

You can pre-order the Borderlands Legendary Collection for Nintendo Switch from either Amazon or GAME.

On the off chance that you pre-order the Borderlands Legendary Collection on Nintendo Switch from either Amazon or GAME, the respective costs are £34.99 and £39.99.

You can’t rashly purchase a digital version of the title from the Nintendo eShop meaning you’ll need to hold up until its release time arrives about.

Concerning what’s remembered for the package, you get Borderlands The Game Of The Year Edition, Borderlands 2, and Borderlands The Pre-Sequel with almost all reward content and extra DLC.

In any case, the Nintendo store explicitly takes note of that Borderlands 2 doesn’t accompany Commander Lilith and Fight For Sanctuary DLC.

Borderlands Legendary Collection on Nintendo Switch: Release time

The release time for when the Borderlands Legendary Collection comes out on Nintendo Switch can be seen below:

May 28th – 21:00 PDT
May 29th – 00:00 BST
May 29th – 00:00 EDT
May 29th – 00:00 AEST
May 29th – 00:00 NZST
May 29th – 00:00 JST
May 29th – 00:00 SGT

So fundamentally the Borderlands Legendary Collection has a midnight release wherever on the Nintendo Switch expect for San Francisco.

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