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Planning to Buy Bedsheets Online? Check Out These 5 Tips for Budget Shopping!



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Did you move into your new home that requires a fresh bed linen collection? Or are you looking to revamp your room? Budget is essential while deciding to buy bedsheets online in either case. The price may surprise those new to the world of bed linen.

Have you wondered why bed sheets cost so much? High-quality bed sheets are a one-time investment. If you give it a thought, chances are, you are using your bed sheets from childhood. It can be because cotton single bedsheets online last years. All that one needs to do is wash it as per the instructions on the label.

Tips to buy the best bedsheets while shopping online!

With online platforms, it has become more convenient to buy bedsheets online. You can spend on a quality product and get the most out of it. Think about the multiple years of use you can get from that one purchase!

However, not everyone has high budgets. Sometimes you want to indulge in a beautiful bedding set that won’t burn your pockets. That’s why these five tips on buying the best bed sheets online on a budget are spot on!

Tip 1 – Keep an eye out for Sales!

Every brand has an End of Season Sale (EOSS) running on their website. So, keep looking for sales on the desired bedding set. You can opt to buy bedsheets online on a budget by purchasing discounted merchandise for live EOSS.

You can look for the Sales page apart from the exclusive sales period. Portico has a ‘SALE’ button on the home page header that redirects you to all their discounted products. Here, you’ll find the prices slashed up to 50% on a range of products right from super king size bed sheets online to other comforters!

Tip 2 – Cart Value Discount

Another convenient method to seek discount on premium and selected products is by looking for ‘Cart Value Discounts’. These are promotional offers that are applicable on a pre-set cart value only.

For example, as part of our EOSS, Portico has been offering a 5% discount on purchases between Rs. 7500 – 9999.

10% on purchases between Rs. 10,000 – 14,999.

Extra 15% discount if your cart value is over Rs. 15,000 for bed sheets online shipping!

This way, you can buy the super king-size bed sheets that weren’t on sale at less cost. You could save more when you club items and avail the cart value discount.

Tip 3 – Other E-Retailers

You can check out other e-retailers if the cotton bed sheets online you seek aren’t put for sale on the brand’s website. Multi-brand websites tend to run multiple sales and promotions on their sites. If they have the brand of your interest, you could get it at a lesser price than the original marked price.

In this regard, Stellar Home is one such name that provides value for your money and includes lucrative deals and offers on various ranges of Portico.

You can find the best bed sheets online on a budget with a little luck and a lot of browsing. Do watch out for counterfeit products, especially if the prices seem ‘too good to be true.’ Always shop at reputed and reliable e-stores that have a good return policy – you don’t want buyer’s remorse!

Tip 4 – Selective Buying

Buying bedding sets can turn out to be expensive, especially when you purchase sets of pillows, comforters, fitted sheets, flat sheet, duvet cover, king size bedsheet online, etc. We suggest you opt for mix and match, if you’re on a budget.

Opt to buy bedsheets online that can be matched with existing comforters or blankets. In this way, you can still get the desired look but on a budget!

Portico has a massive range of printed bed sheets, but we also offer plain bedsheets online that will easily complement your existing bedding sets. We’ve got all the bedding necessities. So, get creative and search for your desired bedding products on Portico!

Tip 5 – Quality

The prime factor when it comes to buying cotton bed sheets online is quality. Typically, high-quality bed sheets will cost more. There is a diverse range of quality fabric available nowadays that is easy on the budget.

Portico has a range of bed sheets from pure cotton percale fabric to microfiber comforters. Check out the collections of king size bedsheet online offered by Portico for quality bed sheets on a budget.

Portico is a value for money brand that aims to offer customers the trendiest bedsheets like queen size bed sheets online that are high quality and affordable. We always have sales and discounts running on our website! Do check us out today!

In case the desired linen bed sheet isn’t on sale on our site, you can always check the Stellar Home website to check out live sales and find the best deals for your budget shopping.

Those are our tips on how to buy bedsheets online on a budget. We hope you try these tips and get significant savings on your next bedding purchase!

If you’ve got more budget-friendly shopping tips, let us know in the comments – we love hearing from you.

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