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Pleas Ignored, Covid Death Highlights Neglect In The Guardianship System



The Guardianship System

Pinellas County FL: A letter was sent to Governor DeSantis, addressed to Chief Judge Rondolino, Judge Pam Campbell, Hamden Baskin, Esq.,“professional” guardian Jean Farnan, and Office of Public and Professional Guardians Executive Director Chante Jones. Highlighting the failures of professional guardianship during the COVID pandemic. CEAR  is working to demand transparency of the Florida adult guardianship system and warn the public of the routine inhumanity of those entering this system.

The letter sent by Cear highlights the COVID related death of Genyte Dirse.  A Ward of the guardianship system.

“Genyte Dirse died yesterday thanks to your zealous negligence. Each of you could have stopped her exploitation and freed this woman.  Instead of helping Genyte you continued in your intent to exploit her and her loved ones”.

“You ignored Genyte’s pleas and those of her loved ones…and listened to the parroted false narrative of those financially benefiting from isolating her with the assistance of Pinellas County Probate Court.  Genyte died alone of CoVid19 at St. Anthony Hospital yesterday after being held in isolation for over a year at Patrick Manor in St. Petersburg. As of last Friday, 11 residents of this 30-bed facility were diagnosed with CoVid19.”

Several activists called Judge Campbell’s chambers since last Thursday to plead for her intervention on behalf of Genyte.  Judicial assistant “Roxy” dutifully screened the calls and then returned the calls lecturing on the court’s refusal to engage in ex-parte communications, insisting the matter was “under control” and to not call again. The court record reveals Judge Campbell ordered an ex-parte emergency do not resuscitate (DNR) on Monday while “professional” guardian Jean Farnan was forwarding pictures to the family of a healthy Genyte smiling, indicating all was well.

Cear has a copy of Genyte’s healthcare advance directive.  She was clear how she wanted to be treated at the end of her life, who she wanted by her side.  None of the people she assigned were noticed or heard concerning the DNR order.  None of her family was informed.

She died alone a victim, not just of COVID but of the system that entrapped her. Genyte’s family, friends, or faith community, including her long-time priest, ever spoke to or saw Genyte again”.

Media Contact: Karyn Turk, American Creative Group, LLC.

News Provided by Rick Black, CEAR
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