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Presdon Luczek of ONE Sotheby’s is setting the benchmark for luxury home sales in the Miami real estate market



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The ongoing movement to Miami fueled by the pandemic is undeniable – it is a hot spot for people looking to relocate from dense cities to a sunnier and less restricted environment.

The large influx of individuals to the area has created a meteoric rise in the price of real estate, and a shortage of inventory — with no foreseeable end in sight.

According to a ONE Sotheby’s International Realty market report, in March home and condo sales increased by 250% or more in some areas compared to the same time last year, and nearly 20% of homes across Florida’s East Coast sold above asking price. Inventory is at historic lows – making the market more competitive than ever.

Presdon Luczek is the Executive Director of Luxury Sales in the Sports and Entertainment branch at ONE Sotheby’s International Realty and is setting the standard for luxury home sales.

With a unique skillset that caters to high-end clients who are in the market for some of the most luxurious and extravagant homes the city of Miami has to offer, Luczek is leveraging his expertise and vast network to navigate a complex market – allowing him to locate ideal homes, land off-market deals and beat out competitors. Such incredible ability to connect buyers with their dream home has led Luczek to lead some of the biggest real estate sales in the area.

Luczek has made a name for himself across the Eastern coast of Florida, extending his impeccable services to clients across Palm Beach County, Miami-Dade County, Martin County, and North Broward.

His stunning success is due in large part to the great relationships he has built with his clients, establishing a trusted referral network. His portfolio consists of upper echelon repeat clients who have seen the fruits of his labor firsthand, evidenced by his unique process that ultimately get his clients the best deal on the market.

Luczek is well aware that flourishing in the real estate industry takes more than just record sales, he is proficient in the latest designs, vision, and any art that is adherent to the property- tailoring a perfect fit for his upscale and sophisticated clientele.

He has sold countless multi-million-dollar homes by leveraging his business acumen to expertly maneuver the industry, utilizing cutting-edge technology and ingenuity to close record deals. 

As the real estate industry moves to integrate digital solutions and products during the process of buying or selling a home, Luczek remains at the forefront.

He specializes in implementing the latest technological advances to ensure his clients get the best available property that caters to their upscale lifestyle. The real estate virtuoso takes into account any trends that are sweeping the industry to keep his clients well informed, in order to make the best educated decision when it comes to buying or selling a home.

Luczek also uses a proprietary system that makes prospective buyers in the South Florida market aware of the current conditions. This gives buyers numerous options when looking to purchase real estate, helping them find a property that best suits their needs and lifestyle. With new-age and creative marketing solutions, Luczek also utilizes his vast social media following to generate exposure for listed properties in order to obtain the best possible deal. 

Luczek says that real estate requires much more than just a great network, but an understanding of art, design and a lifestyle that speaks to the desires and visions of his clients.

To learn more about Luczek, follow him on Instagram @presdonluczek

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