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Professor Mohammad Arshianfar talks about hypnosis



Professor Mohammad Arshianfar talks about hypnosis

Among the specialized degrees of Professor Mohammad Arshianfar, we should mention his specialized degree from the American Hypnosis Association, and he will explain the information about hypnosis to you.


Hypnosis is a branch of psychology in which a person is placed in a certain state of consciousness by indoctrination.

Professor Mohammad Arshianfar talks about hypnosis 1

Hypnosis, or more precisely, does not cause another to dominate the person, but another to converse and instill indoctrination with the human subconscious mind.

All hypnosis is a form of self-hypnosis, and the external hypnotist is only the midwife of hypnosis from within and gives birth to it. All schools and customs have somehow been involved with hypnosis.

The subconscious mind is just a theory on which the explanation of facts is based. The hypnotist cannot instill in the subject whatever he likes.

Hypnosis is not a miracle, And it does not have a strange performance.

Even if it has strange effects, it has a small number and it is not very reproducible and verifiable, so from the point of view of formal science, some of the strangeness observed in hypnosis is not valid and general.

(The issue of brainwashing is of course in this valley, but the stability of these tasks should be further evaluated) Hypnosis is not sleeping.

Brain waves in this state are different from sleep waves in many cases. From a hypnotic point of view, it is different from ordinary indoctrination because the areas stimulated by indoctrination are different from the areas stimulated by hypnosis.

During this process, the hypnotist is able to induce whatever he intends to the hypnotized person because in this case, the hypnotist indoctrination acts instead of the body’s senses and controls the human subconscious mind.

Therapeutic hypnosis

Professor Arshianfar of Hypnosis Therapy says that hypnosis, entering a state of trance or artificial sleep is one of the states that every person is interested in experiencing and likes to try even for once.

The science of hypnosis, due to its attractiveness and exciting aspect, has been used by some people who, in order to gain financial benefits, enter into the subconscious of people, talk, and indoctrinate them to create exciting shows.

Hypnosis is an effective treatment and a branch of psychology that due to the absence of any chemical drugs and without any side effects can ensure the health of the patient and treat many mental illnesses and emotional disorders.

In hypnotherapy, a very high concentration of the person increases the indoctrination, in which case different feelings or thoughts can be induced in the patient, in this action, the degree of indoctrination becomes too normal.

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