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Quick Tax Season Advice to Help You Maximize Your Tax Return



Quick Tax Season Advice to Help You Maximize Your Tax Return

Chad likes to call this process of maximizing your return “stretching your dollar.” What if you could stretch those expenses, take advantage of some incredible offers, and save most of your refund?

For example, Metro by T-Mobile just announced a promotion that allows new users to purchase the iPhone 12 5G for just $99, saving them $530. There is also no activation charge or need to trade in when switching. For those seeking a premium cellular service free from credit checks, additional taxes or fees, extra fees for 5G, and surprises, no-contract brands like Metro are a perfect choice. Making the switch to Metro could increase your financial independence and enable you to save money.

Chad advises people to take charge of their lives and make plans for the upcoming year by using examples such as these. Among his other best advices for financial well-being are:

Create an Emergency Savings Account

Receiving your tax refund can be a terrific way to start if you don’t already have one. For those unforeseen financial crises, such as an unexpected job loss or a significant medical bill, it is advised to have three to six months’ worth of living expenses saved up.

Deal With High-rate Debt

Using your tax refund to pay down credit card debt or high-interest personal loans can result in significant financial savings over time. It will also increase the amount of money in your monthly budget.

Increase Your IRA Contribution Maximum

You can use your tax refund to fund your IRA and contribute to your retirement savings. You can even receive a tax benefit if you make contributions to a regular IRA. The cap for 2024 is $7,000 for both regular and Roth IRAs, with an extra $1,000 for catch-up contributions that anyone 50 years of age or older can make by the end of the year.

Participate in an HSA

Know that Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) provide wonderful tax benefits, such as tax-deductible contributions and tax-free withdrawals for eligible medical expenses, provided your health plan has a high deductible. It’s a wise strategy to take advantage of certain tax benefits while saving for medical expenses.

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