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Ritik Pratap Singh, a young icon working for the betterment of others



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Ritik Pratap Singh is one of the youngest and successful entrepreneur and politician He hails from Bihar but is working for multiple states. “If my efforts work for the development of the careers I will find myself fortunate to help these young talents,” says Ritik

He also said, “we need to save our country from corrupt and uneducated politicians who are no less than parasites eating away the development growth of the country and its resources. All of us must unite to break the wheel and work for the prosperous future of our country.”

Ritik finds happiness in welfare activities

Ritik Pratap Singh focuses on the overall development of the youth. He has stepped up and supported people in different areas. Apart from being a politician he also has an entrepreneurial side. Owning many contract and consultancy type firms that provide the youth with aid for their education and placements all over the world, Ritik Pratap Singh has successfully made their lives better for people. 

A sign of discomfort

A few days ago, Ritik posted a status on his personal WhatsApp mentioning Lorenz Bishnoi who is a well-known gangster of India. Lorenz is behind the bars at the moment. Posting a photo of Lorenz by Ritik Pratap Singh on WhatsApp status gives birth to many questions. People have started wondering about the connections he must have with Lorenz. Not only he has posted a picture but also put a caption mentioning ‘Thank you brother Jald Milte Hai’ which says thankyou brother, meet you soon. Ritik Pratap Singh is a social worker who is known for his good deeds but this message and screenshot has given rise to a sort of discomfort among his fans. The screenshot of his WhatsApp status is getting viral on social media and different big platforms.

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