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SEVENTEEN collaborates with Masaki Aiba again! Old lady showdown at “Thursday 7◎ × Club”!



SEVENTEEN collaborates with Masaki Aiba again! Old lady showdown at Thursday 7◎ × Club

Masaki Aiba (Arashi), the MC of the variety show “Thursday 7◎ × Club” (Mokushitimaru Batsubu), will host appearances by SEVENTEEN’s JEONGHAN, JOSHUA, HOSHI, and MINGYU. The program is titled “木7◎×部” (pronounced Mokushitimarubatsubu/December 14th/Fuji TV).

A program called “Thursday 7◎ × Club” sees celebrities introduce new club activities and accept challenges that center around the idea of “doing your best for someone.” MC Aiba frequently makes appearances with Kazuki Enari, his best friend.

This program creates a series of innovative club activities that you have never seen or heard of before.

Masaki Aiba will serve as the MC. It will feature Kazuki Enari as a studio regular.

There will be four appearances on the show from SEVENTEEN: JEONGHAN, JOSHUA, HOSHI, and MINGYU!

This July 13th (Thursday) of this year, they co-starred with Aiba-san on the “VS Soul Gradation 3 Hour Special” for the first time in Seoul, South Korea. They will now travel to Japan to co-star with Aiba-san once more.

For the first time, SEVENTEEN and Aiba co-starred on the “VS Tamashii Gradation 3-Hour Special” in Seoul, South Korea, which aired in July. The members will visit Japan once more and perform alongside Aiba.

The “BABA Nuki Club,” which was founded on “Chief Aiba’s” orders, included SEVENTEEN members. To find the weakest member without BABA, challenge the “weakest king without BABA”.

Furthermore, on January 3, 2024, starting at 18:00, the “Thu 7◎ × Club” New Year’s special program “New Year ◎ × Club” will air, featuring a competition between different performers for the title of “weakest king battle without BABA”.

They challenge the BABA Nuki Club, which was established by Chief Aiba!

Just five people will hold a “Weakest King Tournament without BABA” prior to the broadcast of “New Year ◎ × Club” on January 3, 2024 (Wednesday).

Though Yuki Hirako (Arco & Peace) and studio regular Enari observed the fight from a different room, we were curious about the kind of fight Aiba—who has the most competitive experience of anyone—would put up against SEVENTEEN.

Who is going to be crowned the dishonorable “weakest king” title?

Please pay attention to the good vibes that are present between Aiba and SEVENTEEN, who are getting back together after a five-month break.

Furthermore, the “Masked Choreography Battle Club” will be broadcast, and Aiba, Enari, and studio guest Shinobu Hasegawa (Sissonne) will be in attendance!

Four people dancing while donning Great Buddha masks have already been shared on TikTok, but who are they really?

On Thursday, December 14th, at 7 p.m., Fuji TV will air “Thursday 7◎ × Club.”

“木7◎×部” on Fuji TV

Thursday, December 14, 2023 19:00-20:00

MC: Masaki Aiba (Arashi)
Studio regular: Kazuki Enari
Studio guests: Shinobu Hasegawa ( Sissonne ) / Yuki Hirako ( Arco & Peace )

Fuji TV “新春◎×部”

Wednesday, January 3, 2024 18:00-21:00

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