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Sheth Jeebun always works for the benefit of people. His main aim is humanity. With over 30 years of experience in the healthcare sector at all levels.



Sheth Jeebun always works for the benefit of people. His main aim is humanity. With over 30 years of experience in the healthcare sector at all levels.

Importance of nursing homes

The nursing home is an institute that provides shelter and health care. All this is for people who cannot afford their expenses, especially the elders. Many people in the world don’t have residential accommodation. Also, they can’t afford it but need extra care, especially health care. So the staff of nursing and nursing homes provides the facilities to older adults. They provide them with nursing, long-term care facilities, and homes for older people.

Along with all that, they assist with living facilities, care homes, rest homes, and convalescent care. Nursing homes are designed for people who don’t need to be in the hospital. But, they mostly need extra care that cannot be given at home. Nursing homes are responsible for caring for the patients and giving them emergency medical care.

Importance of nursing homes

There is a huge importance of nursing homes. Because in nursing homes, different types of facilities are available for the people living there according to their needs.

Nursing homes provide a huge range of medical facilities and personal services for the resident. The people are living in the nursing home live-in 24-hour supervision. They get prepared meals three times a day and assistance with mobility. In addition, rehabilitation services like arranging speech and therapy sessions for the elderly are available in nursing homes.

The nursing home also provides medical care for those people who have recently been released from the hospital. People are released but are not able to go to their homes. In addition, people suffering from ongoing chronic conditions can also live in nursing homes to get full-time care.

Sheth Jeebun world for elderly healthcare and nursing homes

Sheth Jeebun always works for the benefit of people. His main aim is humanity. With over 30 years of experience in the healthcare sector at all levels. He takes care of the people who need the care and cannot afford it. He works for people who need help with health issues. Especially for the elderly who need special care after a certain age. 

Sheth Jeebun makes nursing homes for such types of people to provide accommodation as well as health care. He trained his staff to take care of them and provide them with all the necessary facilities within 24 hours. The staff provide medication to the resident and give them proper care and a comfortable environment. Most of the time, people feel alone after shifting from home to resident. But, the staff provides them with the family and a friendly environment. As a result, older people will not feel alone and won’t miss their home much.

Aster Healthcare

He also worked with the organization that worked for the care of people, the Aster health care. So, this is the organization that provides health facilities to people who need them the most. He also gives free treatment to the people who don’t have enough money for their medication. In the interview with the media, Sheth Jeebun said about the Aster health care. I recognize the importance of sustainability in mitigating the impacts of over-consumption and carbon use. I am therefore committed to making all Aster Healthcare Homes completely paper-free by 2020. To do so, we are investing in the latest technology that provides unparalleled care management systems for the tailored treatment of our residents. Such digitization will not only provide more efficient and accurate care. Still, it will also reduce our carbon footprint as a company”. 

Sheth Jeebun said, “a key part of my ethos is giving back to the community and ensuring that I help those around us who are less fortunate. The pandemic of the last several years has truly highlighted inequalities that exist globally. I am incredibly proud to say that I have been sponsoring underprivileged children worldwide in Africa, Pakistan, and India since the 1990s and will continue to do so. As a firm, we are a corporate sponsor for several local charities, including Plan International, Red Cross, Action Aid, Aid of Care, Dignity in Care, and Guildford Philanthropy, among many others”. After having experience and working for many years in the health care field, he provides open nursing homes. These are in three countries London, Worcester, and East Sussex.


Many people in the world need nursing homes to survive their life. People need extra care, support, and medication unavailable during the home shift in the nursing home. So, the nursing home staff provides them with all the facilities and health care they cannot get at home. The staff is responsible for fulfilling the needs of the resident. Sheth Jeebun opened nursing homes for elderly and disabled people to help them. They can live a happy and healthy life by getting extra care and medication. All of this is provided in a productive and conducive atmosphere of Aster Healthcare.

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