Somers Day 2020: History and Significance of the day

Somers Day is a public holiday in Bermuda, held on the Friday before the first Monday in August. This festival is one of the days, that is known as Cup Match, and it’s devoted to Admiral Sir George Somers, who was the founder of the English colony of Bermuda. Somers Day 2020 falls on July 31. From 2020, this holiday was renamed as Mary Prince Day, respecting a once enslaved Bermudian who became a legend of the abolitionist movement in Britain.

Somers Day: History and Significance

George Somers was born in Dorset in 1554. Since the beginning, he demonstrated his abilities as a seaman and was associated with a few colorful maritime ventures in Spain and the new world.

In the wake of serving as captain of a few boats, Somers was knighted in 1603. In 1609, Somers was made Admiral of the Virginia Company’s Third Supply relief fleet, which was to give supplies and support to the fledgling British colony at Jamestown. On his way to the colony, his fleet ran into a ferocious tempest. Somers’ boat, the Sea Venture, stumbled into genuine difficulty and Somers had to drive his boat onto a few reefs and make for some land that had been located close by.

Each of the 150 onboard the boat endure and arrived at the shore, which later became Discovery Bay in Bermuda. The others in the fleet had expected that Somers’ boat had sunk. Somers and the team and travelers lived on the island for 10 months, before they had the option to manufacture two ships that they used to at last sail to Jamestown.

Somers came back to Bermuda to gather more nourishment for the now impoverished settlement however became sick on the journey. He passed on in Bermuda on November 9th, 1610 at age 56. His body came back to Dorset, yet it is said his heart was left in Bermuda.

The English started an arranged settlement of Bermuda in 1612, with the settlement of St. George’s becoming its capital and having the distinction of being the oldest consistently occupied English town in the Americas. For a period, Bermuda was known as the Somers Isles.

As per LeYoni Junos, an independent historical scientist, the first public celebration of the arrival of the Sea Venture occurred in 1929.

On July 28th, 1931, Somers Day was announced as an official holiday, but a one-off event.

In 1936, Somers Day turned into a yearly statutory public holiday by an act of Parliament alongside Boxing Day, Victoria Day, the King’s Birthday, and Armistice Day.

Somers Day corresponds with the second day of Cup Match, an annual cricket match between Somerset and St. George’s. Somers Day is even alluded to as Cup Match Holiday, however, the cricket match originates before Somers Day by a few decades. This is an extremely popular holiday and as well as businesses, most shops will likewise be shut, even on the Thursday before Somers’ Day.

In certain years, Somers Day can fall on 1st August, which is typically a public holiday for Emancipation Day. For this situation, Emancipation will be seen on Thursday 31 July, making a four day weekend.

Residents of Bermuda observe Somers Day as the second day of Cup Match. Cricket competitions, one of the most well-known sorts of sports in Bermuda, are held. The celebration of Cup Match is a genuine festival for everybody.


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