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Sony cinches down on PlayStation Now subscription stacking to protect its upcoming Premium PS Plus service



Sony cinches down on PlayStation Now subscription stacking to protect its upcoming Premium PS Plus service

Sony has briefly prevented existing PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now members from broadening their subscriptions as it plans to join them in the revamped PS Plus. It’s a clear attempt to prevent users from getting years of access to the highest level of the updated service on the cheap.

Sony has updated its PlayStation Plus FAQ page and is bracing down further on loopholes that gave users early discounts on its upcoming PlayStation Plus Premium service. It’s additionally stopping the activation of PlayStation Plus and Now vouchers for current subscribers until after its new service carries out in June, and there’s even an official conversion chart showing the worth of those vouchers for its upcoming three services; PlayStation Plus Essentials, Extra, and Premium.

At the point when Sony reported the new plans last month, it said PlayStation Now members would have their subscription changed over completely to PS Plus Premium for a similar period. That level of the service will incorporate the current PS Plus benefits and 400 PS4 and PS5 titles from the middle level, as well as many games from past generations and cloud streaming on PS4, PS5, and PC.

Sony explained for the current week that assuming a user has both PS Plus and PS Now memberships active when the new service launches in the coming weeks, they’ll get access to PS Plus Premium for the longer of the two terms before reestablishing. As such, assuming that you had seven years left to run on your PS Plus plan after stacking one-year memberships, yet recently required a year PS Now subscription, you’d get seven years of access to PS Plus Premium at a significant discount after the switch.

After Sony declared its plan to restructure PlayStation Plus into a new three-tiered service of further rival Microsoft’s and Nintendo’s services, things were somewhat dubious about how the change to the new levels will work. Users started stacking prepaid subscriptions to PlayStation Now, Sony’s cloud streaming service on consoles and PC, trusting the $59.99 per-year service would switch over completely to the upcoming $119.99 per-year PlayStation Plus Premium. Sony rushed to prevent many individuals from taking advantage of that discount, however, it couldn’t hold individuals back from purchasing and recovering the cards for a service of some kind or another — and those leftover PS Now voucher cards will give you essentially an incomplete PlayStation Plus Premium subscription.

At least, they will begin in June. Sony is presently holding many individuals back from recovering prepaid vouchers until after the PS Plus relaunch. Just clients who aren’t as of now bought in can reclaim a one, three, or 12-month prepaid card, which are as yet sold at numerous retailers (including directly from Sony).

What occurs assuming you have a prepaid voucher once June rolls around? Indeed, it will in any case merit recovering them once you’re capable. Sony made this supportive chart to explain how much they’re worth when changing over completely to the new service. While a month of PlayStation Now won’t get you a month of PlayStation Plus Premium, Sony says you’ll in any case get ” the period compared to the financial worth of your original voucher.

In any case, similarly, as Sony’s declaration of its new PS Plus service has been overflowing with confusion, so too has its communication of conversions up to this point. Ideally, the next bit of new data from Sony will be the full list of games that are available with PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium, so individuals have a more clear thought of why these new levels deserve a subscription.

As spotted by Twitter gaming deals maestro Wario64, Sony has updated its PS Plus FAQ area to take note that current subscribers of PS Plus and PS Now can’t recover voucher codes and broaden their memberships for the present. They’ll have the option to recover them again when either their current membership slips or the new PS Plus service is accessible in their region — whichever of those happens first. Accordingly, the organization has prevented individuals from taking advantage of the PS Plus Premium loophole.

“As we prepare to launch the new PlayStation Plus membership service, we are doing some work behind the scenes to make the transition as smooth as possible for all of our existing members,” Sony said. “As part of this work, we’ve temporarily disabled stacking memberships for existing customers until after the launch.”

Assuming you have an unredeemed voucher, it will currently change over completely to a time allotment comparable to its financial worth. Along these lines, assuming you’re at present a subscriber and have a one-month PS Plus or PS Now code lying in a drawer somewhere, that can switch over completely to a month of PS Plus Essential or 17 days of PS Plus Premium access. Sony has published a conversion chart enumerating the way that functions.

The redid PS Plus service is scheduled to launch in a few Asian markets on May 23rd, Japan on June 1st, the Americas on June 13th, and Europe on June 22nd.


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