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Stylish sportswear to start off the New Year fitness kick



Stylish sportswear to start off the New Year fitness kick

It’s turned into a yearly custom that when 12 o’clock arrives on New Year’s Eve – allowing for the hangover, obviously – all bad eating habits, laziness and general over- liberalities are to wind up a thing of the past.

2015 for some heralds a new year of fitness. To kick-begin your new routine a closet befitting of the most devoted exercise center bunnies is required, and thanks of high-street labels dipping their toes into sportswear, there’s currently no need to spend an arm and a leg. Sportswear all in all is ending up rather more stylish in its own right, on account of a regularly expanding hybrid with mainstream fashion. High-sparkle tracksuits and leg warmers are thankfully a thing of the past.

High street retailer New Look is for the first time delving into the active wear field with a debut sportswear collection dropping into stores this month. The range is made up of handy separates; leggings, tank tops and sports bags in a palette of black and grey shades with pops of neon yellow and pink.

The collection likewise incorporates a scope of all-important sports bras, which contrast than a significant number of the more lacklustre options available on the market included design details of lace and mesh panelling.

Quick fashion online retailer Boohoo is additionally making a play for the sportswear advertise with its own offering, which extends across both women’s and menswear. Like New Look’s collection it provides all the basics for a functional fit kit, with a few added style elements such as mesh panels and sheer layering for a wardrobe that will work whether or not you plan on breaking a sweat.

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