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Success Businessman Jahidul Islam Jahid, The Founder Of “JAHID MEDIA” is Thriving In Startup Industry



Success Businessman Jahidul Islam Jahid The Founder Of JAHID MEDIA is Thriving In Startup Industry

Jahidul Islam Jahid, a young music composer, used to listen to music on television in his childhood, he would write songs as he wished, or he would sing, or now he would be known as a musical artist.

When he is fascinated by the creativity of different music artists, he wants to be a musical artist.

With that in mind, he moved to Dhaka after finishing his school and college education, and he started making music with his familiar studio and personal computer.

He wanted to give more and more to his viewers, so he decided to carry on this. Soon he started to explore this field further by providing a variety of videos.  He started doing vlogs, adventure videos, lifestyle, and traveling-related videos.

What fans loved the most was the traveling vlogs. They love it when  Jahidul Islam Jahid explores places. Whether it’s any place of localities or be it any country, they enjoy it most.

After a while, he published his first song called ‘One Day, and that song quickly garnered fans.

What makes him even more of a goal-reacher is his unwavering adherence to change according to the environment’s needs around and continuously be updated with the changes in technology. He has taught us to control the potential field one is planning to pursue; once this is done, one can master it in no time.

Despite being a music artist, he is a petty businessman. He started an online agency service called ‘JAHID MEDIA.’

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