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Crown Prince Naruhito

Japan’s Emperor Naruhito is ready to ascend the Chrysanthemum Throne after His Father Emperor Akihito announces abdication

Crown Prince Naruhito, who on Wednesday ascends the Chrysanthemum Throne to turn into Japan’s 126th emperor, has swore to bring the world’s oldest government closer to the general population. In February he unequivocally pledged to proceed with his dad’s legacy,…

Today’s Google Doodle Marks Last Day of The Heisei Period – What is The Heisei Period And Who is Japan Emperor Akhito?

Today’s Google Doodle praises the finish of an era in Japan—truly—as the sun sets on the Heisei period, whose name means “achieving peace.” The country’s 247th gengō, or period name, started with the rising of Emperor Akihito in January 8,…