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Tesla accepts new orders for 10 electric semi-trucks and 2 Megacharger orders in California



Tesla accepts new orders for 10 Tesla electric semi trucks and 2 Megacharger orders in California

Tesla has gotten a new order for 10 Tesla electric semi-trucks and 2 Megachargers with nearly $2 million in US government support.

This is important for a new government incentive that expects to accelerate the electric semi-truck production and adaption by logistical organizations.

Since disclosing the Tesla Semi in 2017, Tesla has been taking reservations with huge deposits for the electric truck.

The Tesla Semi has been postponed a few times, yet it presently appears to be near production, and the automaker is as yet aggregating orders.

There are currently a few government incentive programs to attempt to help speed up the electrification of heavy-duty trucks, and without being in production yet, an organization has tied down financing to assist them with securing Tesla Semi trucks.

The Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC), which gives clean transportation funding on California’s southern coast, has awarded MHX Leasing LLC (MHX), a California-based logistics organization, $1.9 million for the deployment of 10 Tesla Semi class 8 semis, and $560,000 to help deploy two overhead electric cranes.

Momentum, an organization who assisted MHX with formulate the project and apply for funding, wrote about the activity:

“MHX sought funding from the MSRC’s Zero & Near-Zero-Emission Trucking-to-Warehouse, Distribution, & Intermodal Facilities in Riverside & San Bernardino Counties grant program to support the purchase and deployment of 10 battery-electric Class 8 Tesla Semis as a part of its efforts to electrify its fleet of trucks in the South Coast Air Quality Management District.”

The organization likewise announced that the deal incorporates Tesla deploying two “MEgachargers” at MHX’s Fontana, California, facility:

“To charge these vehicles, MHX will also purchase, install, and operate two Tesla Megachargers at its MHX-Napa Fontana distribution facility in Fontana, California.”

The Megacharger is Tesla’s new charging solution for its Tesla Semi with a capacity expected to be more than 1 MW.

Tesla has been working with CharIN, an industry relationship behind the CCS standard, to grow High Power Charging for Commercial Vehicles (HPCCV) to standardize the Megacharger.

The automaker recently created new Tesla Semi prototypes, the first new ones in three years, and it has shown that production should begin this year for certain deliveries to clients.

Nonetheless, CEO Elon Musk raised questions this weekend about Tesla accomplishing any significant volume until one year from now when they have more battery cells.

PepsiCo itself, one of Tesla’s greatest truck clients, has said it hopes to get the initial 15 trucks before the current year’s over. On the off chance that they have said that, it is because the producer has estimated it that way, however, Elon Musk has once again raised questions.

Only a few days prior, PepsiCo reported that it expects the initial 15 units of the Tesla Semi-electric before the current year’s over. This is in line with recent statements from Tesla showing that its electric truck would go into production this year with the first deliveries to clients before 2022.

As indicated by the American multinational, one of a few enormous organizations that have declared firm orders for the Tesla Semi, they intend to get fifteen Tesla Semi tractor units before the finish of 2021, as per a statement. It’s as yet a little part of the more than 100 trucks they ordered from PepsiCo shortly after Tesla first presented the truck in 2017.


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