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Customers of the Tesla Model S and Model X from Tesla in the UK receive “The Reacher”



Customers of the Tesla Model S and Model X from Tesla in the UK receive The Reacher

Tesla made it clear earlier this year that the Model S sedan and Model X SUV would only be available in Left Hand Drive (LHD) versions. As a direct consequence of this, Right Hand Drive (RHD) countries such as Australia and New Zealand were unable to purchase either of the flagship vehicles.

Be that as it may, for countries like the UK, which permit LHD vehicles regardless of its streets being generally populated by RHD cars, the Model S and Model X are as yet sold. Although drive-thru restaurants and toll booths are designed specifically for RHD vehicles, this does not mean that LHD car drivers in the UK do not face any disadvantages.

This appears to be Tesla’s inspiration for including an item called “The Reacher” with the Model S and Model X. As should have been visible in pictures shared by the electric vehicle community, “The Reacher” is a straightforward snatching stick that would assist drivers with arriving at things through the passenger window. This would be valuable for things like drive-thru items, which would probably be handed over from the traveler side of the Model S and Model X.

The consideration of “The Reacher” has gotten a few interesting reactions from the electric vehicle community. Some found it entertaining to see Tesla adding an accessory that is intended to lessen the bother that the Model S and Model X would give its proprietors because of their LHD configuration. Others reprimanded Tesla for including a fairly modest “litter picker” accessory on its vehicles because the organization picked to cancel the RHD variations of the Model S and Model X.

The Tesla Model S and Model X are the electric vehicle creator’s best-performing and most technologically proficient vehicles today, and they are evaluated by their flagship status. After that, it was easy to see why a lot of people who bought Model Ss and Xs were disappointed when the company decided to stop making the RHD versions of the cars.

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