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The 3 Things It Takes To Make It In Music By Steve “Capo” Newland



Steve Newland

Most of “IMS MARKETING” clients are based in the music industry, which CEO Steve “Capo” Newland has been apart of for over 9 years as a manager, tour coordinator, and marketing expert. So its no secret that Capo has seen his share of ups and down in the industry and has valuable insight to what it takes to quote “Make It” in the music business.

We recently had a conversation with Capo, and he gave us his “3 Things it Takes To Make It” list and why its so hard for so many up and coming artists to reach main stream success.

Number 1 is “Clout” – Clout aka Popularity is a major necessity in the music industry. You might think the music is what matters most, but in the current state of music, we’ve seen artists who have 1 or no music out, have just as much hype and buzz as an artist with a much larger resume. Popularity at the end of the day, can carry someone with limited talent, and generate enough attention to help an artist pop with their audience.

Number 2 is “Resources” – Most artists lack the resources to be heard. How do you get your music to the masses quickly? How do you go about getting press/radio interviews? How do you setup your own tour? The answer is Resources. Knowing who to talk to is just as important in the music business. It’s not what you know, its WHO YOU KNOW.

Number 3 is – MONEY, at the end of the day, it takes money to make money,and most up coming artists lack the funds to complete with their major peers. The goal for all upcoming artists is to gain enough momentum and clout, to hopefully attract and secure a financial investor, who can assist in paying future resources as Studio Sessions, Production, Marketing, Touring, Distribution, Merchandise, and all the other things artists need funding for.

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