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Storytelling is bigger than ever, and brands must monetize video content – SEO Expert Lance Bachmann



Lance Bachmann

Human beings love stories. A good story has the power to educate, inform, entertain, captivate, engage, enlighten, and engage. Stories not only change us as individuals; they can also change the world. Modern technology has dramatically changed the dynamics of storytelling. The accessibility and ease of utilizing video content have allowed us all to become storytellers who can shape and present our narratives in an innovative and imaginative fashion.

SEO expert Lance Bachmann knows a thing or two about storytelling. In a marketplace saturated with content, his products stand head and shoulder above his rivals. It’s what’s earned him the nickname ‘digital lion’.

Lance’s message is a simple one. He believes it is more important than ever for brands to monetize video content, and here’s why.

Video marketing is an integral part of any brand’s strategy. It has the potential to reach an audience of infinite size and influence. A product video can increase conversions by 80%, and statistics show the majority of internet users will watch a video before deciding upon a purchase. Video content can build trust, can explain effectively, encourage social shares, and can engage the most reluctant customer.

Yet there is a but, and it’s a big but, to do all of the above effectively, you need a good narrative and good storytelling skills to tell it.

Lance Bachmann knows what makes for a good story because his life reads like one.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Lance was born into an environment where low expectations and lack of ambitions were rife. Yet Lance had a steely self-disciple and iron-cast work ethic on his side. Through sheer willpower, he was determined to make a name for himself.

And that name was made in the digital sector. After making millions for AT&T and founding, he became their first-ever Vice President to be awarded the prestigious ‘Eagle Award’ for his leadership and internet expertise.

He moved on to become the founder, President, and CEO of one of America’s leading digital marketing firms – 1SEO Digital Agency, which specializes in ethical internet marketing strategies with a focus on analytics and conversions, and you guessed it – storytelling.

As someone who has generated $500 million in eCommerce and generated millions of leads, when Lance Bachmann talks, the digital world takes notice. Or perhaps to put it more aptly, when the ‘digital lion’ roars the internet jungle pays attention.

Lance believes that the only difference between a goal and a wish is a plan, and the only difference between a bad story and a good one is structure.

Lance explained, “Everyone, and there’s no exception to this rule, will listen to and watch a good story. It’s instinctive. The trick is to do it right. A good story can elevate your brand in the eyes and ears of the audience, and video is by far the best medium for capturing their attention in a way no other platform can. If you’re not monetizing video content, you’re shooting yourself in the foot when you should be shooting footage about your brand instead. So what are you waiting for – take one!”

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