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The best of Actor Sahnil Bhatnagar – Interview



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The first show  Sahnil Bhatnagar auditioned for was Warrior High   and landed a cameo role in the series after a winning turn in front of the camera. That natural ability didn’t go unnoticed because he was soon promoted to playing  ‘ Sahil ’ , A Senior class student bullying his juniors all the time in the show. The exciting newcomer has now set himself up for a bright career and is one to watch in the future.

Time Bulletin caught up with Sahnil Bhatnagar to talk about his confident start to TV, lockdown ,daily life and hopes.

What was the experience of acting in Warrior High?

The experience was mind-blowing as it was my first show. I have experienced such amazing things at the start of my journey that I feel it will be a little tough for me settling on a new set because I have already been part of something amazing. The MTV India show had an amazing director, producer and creative director. So I have worked with the best people and amazing co-actors. I don’t know what I’m going to do in future, but the show Warrior High will be always close to my heart.

What has been the biggest highlight of working on this show?

The bond between all the co-actors working on the show was really amazing and a major highlight.

What is the biggest thing the show has taught you?

The biggest thing this show has taught me is, no matter what role you are playing or how experienced you are, what matters is how grounded you are and what your behaviour on set is. If your behaviour is not good, whether you are playing a lead role or are an experienced artist, things won’t work out well. You have to be very grounded and humble to taste success.

What would be your dream role?

My dream role is to play a role of “Munna Bhaiya”   from Mirzapur web series which is very energetic character and offers up interesting challenges at the same time. 

What do you do apart from acting?

For me, Acting exists everywhere. I love making videos on LIKEE application where I have around 1.4 Million followers. I was lucky enough to visit Brazil and attended LIKEE meet up where I met with my International fans. This was the best feel of my life. I am now officially working with US based Triller application and It doesn’t matter what platform it is whether TV or internet, Talent can be shown anywhere. I am first an Actor and then a digital influencer.

How have you coped with lockdown  ?

I’ve really loved this lockdown and enjoyed it to the core of my heart. I am getting proper sleep and spending time with my family. Everything is so beautiful. I am sure many people are getting affected because of no work, but it’s ok. Everything will get back to normal with time and now people have started going out which is very good news. I have personally found this lockdown very healing. I do really miss acting, being on set and performing in front of the camera. I want to shoot as soon as possible. After Diwali, I’ll get back to work and hopefully start working on future acting projects.

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