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The Black Phone 2 Release Date; Franchise Expanding Following $161M Horror Hit



The Black Phone 2 Release Date; Franchise Expanding Following $161M Horror Hit

The horror hit will now become a franchise with the release of The Black Phone 2, which confirms its release date. The 2022 horror film, directed by Scott Derrickson, features Ethan Hawke in the role of a masked kidnapper. Following the film’s successful premiere in theaters and at the box office, fans of The Black Phone have been eagerly anticipating a sequel.

The Black Phone 2’s official release date has been announced. The Black Phone 2 is scheduled for release on June 27, 2025, according to the source. Blumhouse and Universal claim that the upcoming sequel is the “launch of a new sinister franchise.” Screenwriter C. Robert Cargill also tweeted about the confirmation of the sequel.

According to Cargill’s post, Joe Hill, the original writer of The Black Phone, had “a really great idea,” which inspired Cargill and Derrickson to create a sequel to The Black Phone.

Why The Black Phone 2 Has Potential For Huge Success

The Grabber, a masked villain who kidnaps a teenager named Finney, is introduced in The Black Phone, which is based on the same-titled short story from 2004. Finney finds the black phone that bears his name, a landline that allows him to hear the voices of The Grabber’s murdered victims after he has been abducted. But at the end of The Black Phone, The Grabber is finally defeated, and Finney kills him using the souls of his victims as fuel.

As a result, The Black Phone was originally intended to be a one-off horror film. On a modest $18 million budget, it made over $161 million at the global box office, significantly exceeding expectations. In addition, The Black Phone received mostly positive reviews; it currently has an 81% Certified Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. These outcomes probably prompted Blumhouse to develop The Black Phone 2, which is currently taking place as both the studio and Universal have confirmed the film’s release date.

Even though it would be difficult to adapt The Black Phone into a sequel, The Black Phone 2’s success is encouraging. The Grabber by Hawke is probably not coming back, but The Black Phone 2 might be the beginning of a “sinister franchise” that builds on the themes of the first film. The Black Phone 2 has countless storylines and casting options, so the possibilities are endless.

There have been numerous additions and changes to the release dates as the ongoing actors’ strike has affected the theatrical release schedule. The Black Phone 2 is set to premiere on June 27, 2025, according to Universal Pictures. The first film, which opened in the summer of 2022 just as people were returning to theaters after the pandemic, was an unexpected hit, grossing more than $90 million domestically and $161 million internationally.

No word on this project’s creative direction or the return of director Scott Derrickson.

Blumhouse received an RSVP for a date in 2025, which coincides with the release of a live-action Sony Marvel picture and the Disney live-action Moana.

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