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The Most common Type of Addicts are those who Drink 1-2 Bottles of Wine after Work



20 april 3

CEO and founder of Help4Addiction Nick Conn, on why more and more of us are turning to addiction.

According to Nick Conn, our perception of what an alcoholic looks like needs to change. We have a vision, he says, of an alcoholic reclining on a park bench, too drunk to do anything. This is not always the case. In fact, he states that his experience has seen more addicts that come home from work and drink a bottle or two every night.

While most of our readers do a quick count to see if they drink more than fourteen units a week on a regular basis, let us turn our attention towards getting help for drug and alcohol addictions. After all, Help4addiction is his specialty.

Nicholas Conn is an Industry Expert

With his own organisation working to help support, advise, and sometimes place, clients into rehab and recovery from addictions, Nick likes to take his work home with him. Every morning, he wakes up to an inbox full of messages from people who need his help. Now, he says that roughly two thirds of those reaching out to him are men.

The pandemic has been hard on us all, but Nick has noticed a 500% rise in those that are approaching him for rehab advice. Sine the pandemic began, Nick has been vocal about the ongoing second pandemic that will ultimately arise from the recession… the pandemic of addiction.

Few are better placed to witness what is happening behind the scenes right now. Men who have been in careers for twenty and thirty years, are suddenly finding there is no work. Nick reports two cases that stand out in his mind. One of a 39-year-old man who had been turfed out of his home. His wife called him a loser because he drank all day, but he only drank all day because of the spiralling debt and his inability to support said wife.

In another example, a 41-year-old contacted him and asked for urgent help. He was addicted to ketamine because his business was suffering from pandemic closures. In every example the story is the same. The man feels an overwhelming sense of duty and an inability to do anything to better their situation. The only way out is this spiral of drugs or alcohol. It is an unhealthy coping mechanism that needs to be unlearned from that point forward.

When you get help for an addiction, therapists will work hard with you, so that you can retrain your brain to cope in healthier ways. Regardless of what your addiction, Nick says reaching out for support is the important part. Seeking help from those that have already suffered makes you more likely to get the rehab help you need.

It is Not All Bad News

Nick has been clean from his cocaine addiction for twelve years now. He has grown to be a family man and father of two, a loving husband with a glittering career. He is a beacon of hope to thousands of guys, just like him. He is the living example of a recovering addict that found something more important to live for. And you could too.

You can contact Nick on Instagram, find him on LinkedIn, or follow his tweets. You can also catch up with his free web series on YouTube, were he chats alcohol and drug addiction recovery with variousindustry experts. You can even listen to his podcast on Spotify, should you like to listen as you go about your day.

Wherever you catch up with @dadinrecovery, make sure you reach out for help for your addiction. Do it for yourself and for your family – or for your potential future family. One day, you could be the next beacon of hope.

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