The popular and quirky businessman Lotanna Ezeike – founder of XPO

Making your dreams come true is no easy feat. Especially being an introvert and working in the field of social media.

Here we are talking about CEO of XPO , Lotanna Ezeike , who is running an amazing company for the creators and influencers.

The unique thing about XPO is that they pay brand invoices in 24 hours instead of 30 days.

We heard the owner quoting that , “Waiting up to 120 days for your invoices to be paid – is now a thing of the past via XPO”.

In the future, they aim to have big brands like Boohoo to offer XPO as an alternative payout option to the creators and agencies they work with.

The passion instilled in the team for the creator economy stems from their deep domain knowledge. Lotanna being an influencer himself and his co-founder, Tomi Aiyeola, running an events business that used influencers as a marketing strategy.

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