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The Prime Ape Planet plays to the strengths of the NFT space with high-value propositions




The Prime Ape planet is a full-fledged NFT project that has dominated the NFT space since its inception. With record-breaking sales and trade volumes, the project is now moving to a more holder-exclusive platform that will be aimed at taking the project to the next dimension.

The success of any NFT project relies completely on its core NFT collection, the Prime Ape Planet project leaves no exception. Curated and designed by some of the most amazing minds in the art world, the NFT collection is one of the most unique collections that one can lay hands on the blockchain.

Design, Aesthetics, and Much More:

The design language of the NFT collection takes inspiration from the primal animal on Earth, the Ape. Every NFT makes a unique imprint starting from the facial expressions, costumes, and aesthetics. Apart from holding a unique NFT, holders of the prime ape planet NFTs soon will also have platforms where they can stake their NFTs to earn the native token of the project which is expected to release in the upcoming days.

The initial sale of the project saw insane numbers with their selling out in minutes at high trade volumes. With such support from the community, the project is slowly transitioning into a more community-inclusive project with features that users can use to stake their NFTs and earn tokens and rewards.

The Community:

The project is also host to an amazing community of over 400,000+ users who are active on discord. The community is more likely to expand in the upcoming days with the popularity of the NFTs slowly gaining traction.
The project is also phasing out its roadmap to slowly release features within the project that will help accommodate these users and help in achieving the vision of building a circular economy.

The Key-highlight of the project is their NFT collection. The collection is divided into three segments namely;

⦁ The Prime Kong NFT Collection.
⦁ The Prime Ape NFT Collection.
⦁ The Infected Prime Ape NFT Collection.

The Prime Kong NFT collection:

The Prime Kong NFT collection is a high-value proposition in the entire ecosystem. The complete range of designs in the Prime Kong NFT collection is hand-drawn and curated by Kurtis Dawe who is one of the elite NFT design teams in the Prime Ape Planet Project. The design language of the prime Kong NFTs proposes a quiet yet powerful outlook. The initial sale of the Prime Kong NFT just lasted for two minutes and reaped a trading volume that was nearly 4.9K ETH. The entire collection contains nearly 9.797 Kong NFTs with different attires and captivating designs.

The Prime Ape NFT:

The prime ape NFT might seem like the most common ones on the project but they come with one of the most significant adaptive powers that give rise to another collection segment of NFTs. The Prime Ape NFTs are designed and rendered by Travis Smith and Chris Hogstead who complete the NFT design team along with Kurtis. The prime ape NFT collection is huge and it got notoriously sold out within 38 minutes that it went live. The total trade volume of the prime Ape NFT collection is estimated to be $84 million which is huge.

The Infected Ape NFT collection:

The prime ape planet also allows the user to customize their Prime Ape NFT. Holders can combine their Prime Ape NFTs with poisoned bananas, which are pieces of digital art that will give their NFT a new look and a unique dimension.

The infected ape NFT collection is just the beginning of taking the project to a more community-inclusive approach. The project is lined up with more features that are expected to roll out shortly which will play to the strengths of the already thriving community.


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