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The SAT Essay: Assignment Features Overview




You might wonder if the SAT writing essay is necessary or optional. Previously, the College Board used to administer an optional essay section as well as SAT subject tests. Starting in 2021 however, these are less common options. These changes come following COVID-19 and should help standardize testing in a way that’s easier for everyone involved. However, there are still some cases when you should carry out the test. To determine these, check if the college or a postsecondary institution you are going to apply to require the completion of your assignment. If it is not the case, it might also be a cool idea to work on the task since it will perfect your analytic and drafting talents.

To carry out the test or not?

It may happen that you have second thoughts and make a decision to apply to the educational establishment with different requirements for the applicants. Therefore, to be on the safe side, you’d rather do the SAT test and be eligible to apply to absolutely any institute. What is more, you have an excellent occasion to sharpen your reading as well as analyzing, and drafting talents, which will be crucial to succeed in a college and occupational career. Basically, getting ready for the SAT Essay will make you ready for the university’s academic life! Check new sat essay writing tips to deliver a powerful assignment.

Although you do not necessarily have to carry out the SAT test with essay drafting, by accomplishing the task, you’ll have an opportunity of applying to establishments requiring it. However, in case you do not register for the SAT test, you can add it to the package of documents later.

What’s special about the SAT Essay?

The SAT Essay is much alike with an ordinary college essay drafting task presupposing text analysis and reflection on its contents. As a rule, every SAT essay is one passage long and covers in the middle from 650 up to 750 words which you will be obliged to read, after that – to analyze, and respond to. To formulate a reply, there will be a fifty-minute corridor for you to fulfill the task.

The main idea behind writing the SAT essay is to display your abilities to work with the text and state on paper. To deliver a strong paper, you need to critically analyze the text and pay attention to the following:

  • How the evidence is employed;
  • What reasoning he employs;
  • Are any other rhetorical approaches used to build a statement and make it convincing;
  • What stylistic features or persuasive techniques (vocabulary selection, sentence structure, or emotionally bright constructions) are employed to add the boost rate to the ideas the author expresses.

No matter what text you are to analyze, there is a standard sequence of actions to be taken. Of course, if you are familiar with the SAT essay writing prompts ahead of time and realize what the task is, you will save time on the X day and deliver a stronger essay.

To increase your opportunities of accomplishing the SAT essay writing successfully, follow the below action plan:

  1. Read the text;
  2. Convey your point on how the author arguments to make an audience support his point;
  3. Support the ideas with proofs from the text.

Based on your analysis from our SAT essay writing tips, write an essay explaining how the author makes an argument to persuade the reader. In your text, analyze how effectively the author implements drafting techniques to enhance the logic content flow and raise argumentation tactic persuasiveness. Focus on the strongest sides of the passage. In your piece, you should talk about how the author works with an argument, without just explaining whether you agree/ disagree with his claims.

What to anticipate from the SAT passage?

As a rule, you will have to analyze and state on a passage written for the wide audience, so it will not be niche specific. No prior knowledge will be necessary for writing a good SAT essay since you are not supposed to share it. The main distinctive feature of all the passages is that an author presents a claim and attempts to persuade the reader. Some other things in common are:

  • Intended for a broad audience;
  • Contain a claim;
  • Convey strong considerations on complex topics;
  • Contain targeted reasoning and strong evidence;
  • Address ideas, questions, issues, and acute topics;
  • Drafted for the wide audience.

Your response to the SAT passage ought to explore the author’s decision on presenting the argument instead of being a source of the informational content. Mind the following as the tips for writing the SAT essay.

DON’T do – state what the piece is about or share your personal position about the topic/ the author’s argument.

Do – explain how effectively the author managed to persuade the readers and what techniques he used to achieve this goal. 

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Essay scoring

Your SAT essays will be evaluated by 2 scorers – each getting a mark of 1-4 in every of the three categories: Reading, Analyzing, and Writing. It is the two commission representatives who will grade your work in each evaluation criteria. As a result, you will get a grade which is the sum of the above six scores.

Your reading scores

This grade evaluates how carefully you have perceived the piece and how well your essay proves that you have understood the text. Are there any relevant textual proofs (rephrasing/interpreting, direct quoting or both) in your piece that demonstrates that you have understood?

Your analyzing scores

This grade displays how well you managed to conduct analysis of the passage. Does your SAT essay cover relevant and well-picked-out info from the text to support your ideas?

Your writing scores

This grade evaluates how deliberately you state on paper. How effectively is the response crafted? Do you use a clear and straight-to-the-point language? Does your text contain a thesis? Is your word choice precise? Are all your ideas logically connected, and the flow of thoughts smooth? Is your piece of the right structure? This score evaluates your writing skills and not your ideas.

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