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The Tallest Building in the US ‘Oklahoma Skyscraper’ is Currently Under Construction



The Tallest Building in the US 'Oklahoma Skyscraper' is Currently Under Construction

In Oklahoma City, an unlikely city, plans are afoot to construct the country’s tallest skyscraper. The upcoming second-tallest skyscraper in the United States is Oklahoma’s Boardwalk at Bricktown, it was recently revealed. But now that AO, the architect, is going even higher, he has redesigned it with great ambition, hoping to make it the nation’s tallest structure ever.

According to the Oklahoma City Free Press, developers at a real estate company are modifying their already ambitious plans to raise the Boardwalk at Bricktown Tower by several hundred feet, making it the tallest structure in the nation at 1,907 feet.

According to a statement from Matteson Capital, “The symbolic height honors the year that Oklahoma was admitted as the 46th state of the United States.”

If everything proceeds according to schedule, the supertall skyscraper—now known as the Legends Tower—will top out at 1,907 feet (581 meters) as opposed to the 1,750 feet (533 meters) that was initially anticipated. This number, which represents the year Oklahoma became the 46th state in the union, is symbolic.

With the highest of the building’s four towers reaching 1,750 feet in the firm’s initial application, it would have been the second-tallest structure in the nation, only surpassed by Manhattan’s Freedom Tower.

Matteson Capital announced on Monday that it plans to ask the city’s zoning board for a variance so that the massive project can be built. The building would be the fifth tallest in the world if approved.

At this new height, One World Trade Center in New York City will be over 130 feet (39 meters) taller than the highest building in the United States at the moment. Additionally, it will rank sixth tallest in the world, only behind Ping An Finance Center in China.

There will be three smaller towers next to the main skyscraper, each with a height of 345 feet (105 meters). There will be 1,776 residential units spread across the four buildings, and one of the smaller towers, named the Dream Tower, will house a high-end hotel known as the Dream Hotel.

The building’s plans call for three towers, each rising to a height of approximately 345 feet, and a fourth tower that will tower 1,907 feet above Oklahoma City’s otherwise unremarkable skyline.

Five million square feet make up the mixed-use project. 1,776 residential units, two Hyatt hotels, condominiums, and 110,000 square feet of commercial and community space are all part of the plans.

According to Matteson Capital, the supertall tower’s top floors will house an observation deck, a restaurant, and a bar.

Instead of just asking for a variance, city officials informed the Oklahoma City Free Press that the company would need to rezone the property.

Oklahoma City, which had 680,000 residents as of the 2020 census, is one of the American cities with the fastest rates of growth. It jumped to the 20th most populous city in the nation last year.

“Spanning approximately 5 million square feet [around 460,000 sq m], the project is a mixed-use marvel, including a 480-key Dream Hotel by Hyatt with 85 residential serviced condominiums in the Dream Tower; an additional 350-key Hyatt hotel with 100 serviced condominiums in the Legends Tower; 1,776 residential units ranging from market-rate to affordable workforce and luxury options; and a vibrant retail and restaurant scene with over 110,000 square feet [roughly 1,000 sq m] of space designated for commercial use, food and beverage, and a workforce development center for the community at the street and second levels,” explained AO’s press release. “The top floors of the supertall tower will consist of a public observatory, restaurant, and bar where visitors will be able to enjoy the sweeping city views.”

The relevant authorities are currently being asked for permission by AO and developer Matteson Capital to raise the skyscraper’s height. Timelines for construction have not yet been disclosed.

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