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TheBeesKingdom revolutionizes NFT projects and preserves the environment



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For a few hundred million years, Bees have been the guardians of humanity’s survival for millennia. Ancestral kingdoms have emerged as a result of their cooperation. Their structured, supportive, and loyal sense of community helps them to carry out complex activities vital to the Hive’s survival, as well as defend it against Bumblebees.

As evolution progressed, their species became more and more threatened to the point of being an endangered species today. The total disappearance of bees could be a very important planetary drama. Because without bees, there is no more biodiversity. Without bees, there are no more flowers, no more perfumes, no more flavors. Without bees, there are no more seeds, nor granivorous animals.

And TheBeesKingdom recognized this by deciding to construct a project around the preservation of these species, bringing together two traditionally diametrically opposed sectors: investing and environmental preservation.

The project is becoming one of the most important in the NFT industry, led by a team with great skills in marketing, artists, and developers. The pledge is simple but meaningful: a portion of the proceeds from the sale, up to 100,000 euros, will be donated to a community-chosen group fighting bee extinction. This is a very wonderful activity, which is uncommon in traditional NFT projects, which use the money to give back to their communities, create visibility actions, or create video games.

A promise that will win over many investors looking for different projects that bring real value to their investments. By building a strong and sustainable community around their project, TheBeesKingdom allows to spread a message on a large scale, and to federate around this environmental drama that too few are concerned about today.

The market for NFTs is quickly expanding, and new, limitless opportunities are being created every day. NFT is, without a doubt, the way of the future. As the NFT market is a market that interests more and more small and large scale investors, it is a great way to spread their message on a global scale. The collection will be sold at a price of 0,2eth per NFT

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