Things to know about White Ribbon Day

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women or White Ribbon Day is denoted every year on 25 November, which is additionally the beginning of 16 Days of Action against domestic violence and sexual violence. 16 Days of Activism closes on 10 December (Human Rights Day).

White Ribbon Campaign

White Ribbon is a campaign led by men to end male violence against women and girls. The White Ribbon movement started in Canada in 1991 after a slaughter of female students at a university in Montreal. A small group of men got together and searched for a route for men to restrict violence against women. They decided to urge men to effectively show their resistance by wearing a white ribbon. From that point forward, the White Ribbon movement has grown globally and is active in more than 60 nations.

The White Ribbon Campaign recognizes and completely acknowledges that while men are additionally dependent upon violence in a wide range of forms, women are disproportionately and extensively bound to experience repeated and severe forms of domestic maltreatment and sexual violence.

November 25, is White Ribbon Day. For those new, the charity White Ribbon UK requests that all men wear a white ribbon and make the guarantee to ‘never commit, excuse or remain silent about male violence against women’.

White Ribbon UK has been attempting to change those societies that lead to violence against women within the United Kingdom. The charity expects to take the liability in ending gender-based violence away from women and connect legitimately with men through training, awareness-raising, and accreditation programs.

In numerous nations, including Australia, male-led associations, for example, the White Ribbon Foundation use 25 November as the culmination of their annual campaigns to change perspectives and behaviors that lead to and perpetuate men’s violence against women, by engaging boys and men to lead social change.

The individual responsible for their demises is not a drunk driver or a stranger – it’s somebody known to them, somebody they are either still involved with, or once had one with.

When looking at the statistics around domestic violence – one out of four women will experience it in their lifetime – not only does its devastating reach becomes clear, yet so does the silence surrounding it.

However, today, over the world, and via social media, clients will vow their help for #WhiteRibbonDay as part of the UN perceived International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

The campaign tends to ALL violence – including that against men – yet its main focus is men’s violence against women.

The story behind White Ribbon Day

Violence against women has consistently existed.

Notwithstanding, the catalyst for the campaign came in 1960, after the three Mirabel sisters – political activists in the Dominican Republic – were killed. Their demises were passed off as a ‘car accident’.

Owing to the inspiring work they did, the sisters soon became symbols of dignity and expectation.

In 1981, an annual day of protest occurred across Latin America against the appalling violence against women in the region.

It occurred on 25 November in memory of the Mirabel sisters – a date which was then embraced as International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Why a white ribbon?

Ribbons have been basic in various campaigns. The white ribbon is common in awareness against women’s violence and different sorts of awareness. Its initiation in awareness goes back to 1873 when Frances Willard embraced it as the official badge for Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, which campaigns against women violence.

The official acknowledgment came from the UN in 1999.

The White Ribbon represents trust over the world for victims living in dread of domestic violence.

The White Ribbon Campaign itself was established in 1991 by a group of men in Canada who wanted to challenge how adequate violence has become – and how staying silent about it is right around a desire.

Men and boys specifically are encouraged to noticeably wear one.

What can you do?

The campaign arrived in the UK ten years back, and White Ribbon Day itself commences 16 days of awareness and campaigning.

There are numerous methods of lending your help.

Making an action online is one way, and obviously by ordering a white ribbon online to wear, your help and remain against domestic violence will be noticeable and far-reaching.

The campaign energizes those donning a ribbon to upload it to the campaign page and across their social media profiles.

By using the hashtag #WhiteRibbonDay you can likewise participate in the discussion on Twitter and discover what is being done on an international level to perceive the day.

White Ribbon Day is your opportunity to unite individuals – face to face or online – to raise awareness and resolve to activity to prevent men’s violence against women. In workplaces, schools, and communities all over Australia, we’re requesting that you stand up, speak out and act to end gendered violence.

It’s an ideal opportunity to set the elimination of violence against women solidly on the agenda in your community by organizing a White Ribbon event – a march, dinner, online course, meeting, or more – and welcome individuals to go along with you in progressing activity.

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