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Tony Bennett Birthday: Interesting Facts about an American singer



Tony Bennett Birthday

Tony Bennett, the original name Anthony Dominick Benedetto, (born August 3, 1926, Astoria, Queens, New York, U.S.), American famous singer known for his smooth voice and interpretive abilities with songs in a variety of genres.

Legendary jazz and well-known music crooner Tony Bennett celebrates his 95th birthday celebration on Aug. 3, 2021 — which New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared as “Tony Bennett Day.”

Tony Bennett Career

In November 1944, Benedetto joined the United States Army during the final stages of World War II. During his time there, he sang under the stage name Joe Bari and performed with the 314th Army Special Services Band.

Upon his discharge in 1946, Benedetto got back to the States and kept singing any place he could. He likewise made a couple of recordings in 1949 however they failed to sell.

Not long after this, the actress/singer Pearl Bailey perceived his ability and requested that he sing for her in an event opening. Bob Hope, who was likewise welcome to the show, chose to allow Benedetto an opportunity. Benedetto was then named “Tony Bennett” by Hope and signed to the significant Columbia Records.

Tony Bennett started his professional music career as a crooner of pop tunes. His initially hit was the ballad “Because of You” which was produced by Mitch Miller. All after the commercial success of the song, Miller kept on creating Bennett’s initial tracks. The last option’s “Blue Velvet” additionally proceeded to turn out to be very well known.

Yet again in 1953, the singer acquired notoriety with his “Rags to Riches”. Not long after this, the producers of the Broadway musical ‘Kismet’ requested that Bennett sing “Stranger in Paradise” as a method of advancement of their show. The tune turned into a huge hit in the USA as well as in the UK too.

In 1955, the American singer released his most memorable long-playing album titled ‘Cloud 7’. After two years, he emerged with the album ‘The Beat of My Heart. This album featured notable jazz musicians Nat Adderley and Herbie Mann.

With the start of the rock and roll era during the 1950s, Tony Bennett kept on appreciating achievement, putting the song “In the Middle of an Island” at number 9 in the Billboard Top 40 in 1957.

Tony Bennett then proceeded to work with the Count Basie Orchestra. Their collaborative albums titled ‘Basie Swings, Bennett Sings’ and ‘In Person’ ended up being huge hits.

In 1962, the artiste released the single “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” and furthermore the album with a similar title. Both the album and tune managed how to accomplish gold record status. The next year, he emerged with his album titled ‘I Wanna Be Around. This album also proceeded to turn into a success with the title song and the single “The Good Life”.

Throughout the following two or three years, Tony Bennett had minor hits with various singles and albums based on show tunes. Then he proceeded to record “contemporary” rock songs on a request made by Columbia Records’ Clive Davis. In any case, the results fulfilled nobody; this was illustrated by the disappointment of the singer’s 1970 album ‘Tony Sings the Great Hits of Today’ to produce any profits.

Assuming control over issues, Tony Bennett chose to open his own record organization, Improv. This organization released various albums and songs including ‘Together Again’, ‘The Tony Bennett/Bill Evans Album’, and ‘What is This Thing Called Love?’

Towards the finish of the 1970s, the American artiste had no recording contract. He then, at that point, got himself booked for shows in colleges and small theaters. By 1986, he was re-signed to Columbia Records and released the album ‘The Art of Excellence’ which turned into Bennett’s most memorable album to turn into a hit starting around 1972.

In the ensuing years, Tony Bennett showed up on a few shows like ‘Late Night with David Letterman, ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’, ‘Muppets Tonight’ and ‘The Simpsons’, to give some examples.

In 1993, Tony Bennett did a series of concerts around the country. He proceeded to record and emerged with the hit album ‘Astoria: Portrait of the Artist, Sinatra homage ‘Perfectly Frank, and Fred Astaire’s tribute ‘Steppin’ Out.

In 1994, his appearance on ‘MTV Unplugged’ managed how to make the audiences swoon. Toward the finish of the 1990s, he had re-established his standing and proceeded to tour and record consistently, doing various shows consistently.

Notwithstanding a few guest performances on TV, Bennett made appearance appearances in movies, for example, Analyze This,’ ‘The Scout’ and ‘Bruce Almighty.’

In 2006, he released the album Duets: An American Classic’ which arrived at the top position on the US Jazz Chart. After two years, Bennett played out his last shows with the release of the album ‘A Swingin’ Christmas’.

In September 2011, he emerged with ‘Duets II’ and afterward worked together with Amy Winehouse for the single “Body and Soul”. The next year, he released ‘Viva Duets’. Bennett then performed for the absolute first time in Israel in 2014. After a year, he released the album titled ‘The Silver Lining: The Songs of Jerome Kern’.

Awards & Achievements

Tony Bennett has won 19 Grammy Awards alongside a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award (2001) and two Emmy Awards (1996 and 2007).

He has likewise won a few different acknowledgments, for example, the National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Masters Award and Society of Singers Lifetime Achievement Award, and is a Kennedy Center Honoree.

Tony Bennett has been inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame and Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The American artiste Tony Bennett has received honorary doctorates from several institutions, for example, the Berklee College of Music, The Art Institute of Boston, the George Washington University, and the Juilliard School.

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