TruRebel Migs Drops Heartfelt Track “Yuh Mi OngleLuva, Dem Nuh See I”

Los Angeles-based hip hop artist TruRebel Migs finally released his first track of 2021 with his new single “Yuh Mi OngleLuva, Dem Nuh See I.” The New York-raised artist has been quiet ever since his EP and single releases last year. 

“Yuh Mi OngleLuva, Dem Nuh See I” is just as interesting, sonically as it is when reading the title of the track. TruRebel Migs bring out a sound that is so unique to him while offering a new perspective on love. 

The track starts out with a vocal-based instrumental and quickly drops into a snappy snare drum pattern. The song proceeds to continue based around TruRebel Migs’ melodic choice, repeating the title of the song. About 1 minute in, TruRebel Migs changes up his flow and transitions into a rap. Going from rapping to singing is something we’ve seen more of from TruRebel Migs recently.  

Listen to “Yuh Mi OngleLuva, Dem Nuh See I” below:

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