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Water Pollution Remains Top Environmental Concern in Malaysia



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As reported by research in 2019, approximately 38 per cent of rivers in Malaysia were identified as somewhat contaminated.

When it comes to environmental issues, Malaysians remain most worried about two that have instant and potential wellness effects. For the past 10 years, concerns about water safety – both drinking water and bodies of water – have made it to the first of the list.

The water disruption and pollution issue in Selangor laid bare the risks of polluted drinking water and without surprise had a bad impact on the public’s impression.

Water Filters Become a Necessity in Malaysian Household

3M is taking a different method to how they support Malaysians meet their water quality needs. 3M water filter systems help supply clearer, cleaner water in your house. The majority of 3M water filters in Malaysia such as AP Easy Complete and 3M Countertop Drinking Water System CTM-01 SE are designed for quick and hygienic replacement with their Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) concept.

When finding a water filter, ensure that the product pollutant reduction claims are qualified by a reliable, independent trusted party just like NSF. NSF is an establishment that provides credentials reassurance to those who manufacture, sell and use products, through independent review and testing.

NSF is an important catalyst to them at 3M as their products aim to attain the greatest standard possible. 3M softeners lessen calcium and magnesium minerals in the water to help defend against scale build-up. Their other water treatment equipment deals with the typical issue of iron reduction by treating your water at the point of entry to the home.

A Better Blueprint is Needed to Tackle Water Pollution Crisis 

On the other hand, environmental specialists have stated critics about the effect of the authority-proposed RM15 million fine for anyone found guilty of causing pollutants in waterways.

They mentioned while the amount would be a deterrent, the authority should have more approaches at its disposal to better complement the suggested fine.

The Malaysian government should work together with industry specialists to create a blueprint on improving water quality with crystal clear goals and timelines.

Dan Zinman started his career as an astronomer and college professor and quickly expanded into popularizing the understanding of science and scientific discovery. He did this through writing books, essays, and articles. He is contributing by writing news articles for

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