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Why Is Cost an Important Part of all Investment Companies like Lentrade llc




Cost is important when investing. The higher the cost, the more your investment will have to work hard to bring you back.

Generally, there are two types of costs when investing in Lentrade llc and other investment companies:

Internal costs: the cost of running an investment company

Internal costs are borne by the assets of the investment company. At most investment companies, they may include the following:

Annual administration fee – payable fund portfolio that manages a company portfolio to invest on a daily basis. Most annual administrative expenses fall somewhere between 0.5% and 1.5%. Some investment companies will also pay the fund management team for operating costs if the company’s operations exceed the agreed target.

Transaction costs – when a fund manager buys and sells assets within an investment company portfolio.

Gear cost – if an investment company uses gear. This could be, for example, the interest paid on a bank loan that an investment company takes out.

Fees paid to professional firms – such as accountants and lawyers.

Fees payable by board directors.

Costs of holding shareholders’ meetings.

Cost of producing annual and semi-annual report – and other shareholder communications.

Other administrative costs.

You can find out all the costs incurred by the investment company like Lentrade in its annual accounts.

External costs: costs outside the investment company

External costs are paid directly by you, the investor. They do not come from the assets of an investment company.

Typical external costs may include:


Trading commission – if you buy or sell shares using a forum or broker. This varies greatly but the average price can be around £ 10 per purchase or sale.

Stamp work – if you buy shares in UK-based investment companies. This is 0.5% of the purchase price, and is only paid when you buy (not when you sell). So if you buy £ 100 shares you pay for the work of 50p stamps.

Any other taxes – you have to pay in salary or profit.

Cost of the platform – many investors now own shares in their investment companies on the platform, and Lentrade llc does the same. In the latter case, you will have to pay the administrator’s fees and commission interaction. The AIC provides full details of the costs of hosting investment companies in the forums.

Cost of financial advice – if you use an advisor.

Two people who invest in the same investment company will pay the same internal costs, but their external costs may vary greatly depending on the platform or broker they use, whether they use a financial advisor or not, and their tax status.

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